Logarithmic scale analysis on XRP

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XRP has had a remarkable 2017, and if the same trend continues, will have an amazing 2018 as well. This is a logarithmic view of the historical data of XRP, and each of the larger parabolic increases have yielded 14x growth. Additionally, the black support has been a catalyst to start the move.

Depending on where the price starting point is of the next parabolic move, (.75 - $1) I set the target at $10.50 to $14, likely in late spring to early summer, based on when it begins.

Disagree? Look at Bitcoin's historical path on a logarithmic scale. Fundamentally, based on the nature of announcements Ripple has made in recent history, an upswing is inevitable. We'll be watching history be made very soon.
Dagangan aktif: This took off sooner than I would have thought- however upon further review on the 1hr timeframe, there is a great support line starting at the beginning of the trend going through the lowest low that the price hit.

I expect there to be a pennant within the support & resistance pictured in the charts and for it to break bullish.
Komen: We are now on the strong line of support. If my idea is correct, this is the bottom.

If this idea is wrong, no telling where the bottom is.
lol.. nothing changes on this coin. Claiming a coin with VERY LITTLE VOLUME is gonna go up... Bunch of non sense. People need to understand that markets are driven by momentum and volume is how momentum materialize itself.

@Denzoss, When did I project it would begin? On 3/6? Or 3/30 - 4/16? Re-read the post.

"Nothing changes on this coin"

*posts a chart that represents an extreme price range*

Denzoss tradeformula
@tradeformula, ripple has been bearish for over 2 months. This is what I mean by nothing changes.
you should mention head and shoulders brother !
tradeformula StocksMaster
@StocksMaster, It's a bit of a stretch for inverse H&S I think. That said, I don't use chart patterns very often.
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SuroeshJazayeri StocksMaster
@StocksMaster, Haha sorry to say but this is a really bad inverse h-s. You cant cound that as a valid one. Zoom out and watch the daily and weekly chart. It is making higher lows and is in an uptrend. With all the news and new money coming in. Ripple (and ofc alot of other coins) will rise very far the coming months. It is inevitable..
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StocksMaster SuroeshJazayeri
@SuroeshJazayeri, they wont rise unless these things will stop :
SuroeshJazayeri StocksMaster
@StocksMaster, But....... you are watching the 60(!) minute chart... looool. Look at the bigger picture as i told you.. You zoom in to closely.
tradeformula SuroeshJazayeri
@SuroeshJazayeri, I agree with you that this is not quite an inverse H&S, and that the daily looks positive long term, but there's nothing wrong with viewing the 60 minute chart. I use the 1 minute chart to time trade entries and place stops, and the 5 second chart in Forex. Days and weeks are made of many hours and minutes.
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