Buy XRPUSD (we are in the trade) as per the previous post

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
As of 6:50 am today 12/23/17, we are in the trade at $1.0484, as per my previous post

Trust me those few guys you make buy when they see this "analysis" wont do shit on the graph
@Crypapi, That's everyone's deal, what they do with my thoughts.
why buy a currently consolidating coin? You are loosing alot of profits =)
@Crypapi, How exactly are you losing profits?
Go back to my previous suggestions (especially the 100% on QTUMUSD in 1.5 days) and let me know how bad that breakout was
Crypapi lindosskier
@lindosskier, I dont care about other analysis, this is not even an analysis, its a graph where you put the text "buy" go do your homework then come do "analysis"
@Crypapi, How has your "analysis" worked out so far? From your posts, I have noticed that you barely have any successful/spot on recommendations. But I think that you are one of those whose analysis plays out over 3 Lifetimes, so I guess eventually you will be right. I'd rather make money than be right.
Keep minding your business and let me mind mine.
Crypapi lindosskier
@lindosskier, Not have? Check again ;)
@Crypapi, So much for a consolidating asset... It just became the 2nd highest market cap coin within a few days.
I think you should change hobby/profession, because trading is obviously not your strong suit.
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