Correction is coming
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Enhancement321 BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, How big? 50%?
BankofEngland Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, - Some traders are stating that Ripple is overbought. Correction could be anywhere from .3-.4, with some predicting as low as .2 which is a smaller possibility.
BankofEngland Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, I not only agree with that, but have seen this. Bitcoin is not the only crypto with "whales", about every coin has whales that manipulate pricing. These "whales" form when coins first are offered. Otherwise, most coins would just simply go up without must resistance. Look at an order book from any exchange for any crypto, from small coins like Ripple to Ether, there is always a huge buy/sell order manipulating the price. When you see a giant red wall of sell, it puts panic in traders who in turn sell because they believe the price is coming down hard. This is just the name of the game in any trading of stocks, commodities, forex, and crypto. Biggest example is silver manipulating and crash of a few years ago.
Enhancement321 BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, Thank you sir.
BankofEngland Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, - Update, Ripple is correcting, already down .6 from its high of .8, should continue further.
Where is the correction? :DD
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