XRPUSD - What I'm expecting since it hit the "bottom"

XRPUSD should fall another 50% if it breaks the trendline .

Too much stupid money in the game. Just look at twitter and all the stupid 100$ xrp comments. Would not touch this, only short it.

diagonal lines mean nothing
Thierry88 reycripto
@reycripto, they can mean something if they form a descending triangle for example.
TA can only get you so far kid. The other half is fundamentals.
Thierry88 whatitbebaby
@whatitbebaby, there aren't too many fundamentals in xrp though.
I totally agree with the graph. Target about 0.20 and below, and then the trend reverses.
+1 Balas
Thierry88 Vlatko28
@Vlatko28, I don't think this is going to stop before 0.12 cents as the first target. From there I gonna reevaluate.
Vlatko28 Thierry88
@Thierry88, We'll see, but it's near the end of the crash. The trend is soon turning in a positive direction. Like BTC, corrective wave A, B is over. Currently wave C is running from wave 2. The trend is turning up "Soon"
Thierry88 Vlatko28
@Vlatko28, can you post or show me your ABC correction? And the target? Just to get a look at your opinion.
Look at Twitter?

Best trading advice..
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@yvofox, that's what I thought. This crazy dumb bullishness was a clear sign of selling short.
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