XRP Trend Pattern

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
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Most likely XRPUSD exit point will be $3.00, but because I was watching XRP very closely lately it is most likely people will start shorting when it crosses $2.92 - $2.95
The danger is when people set their stop losses to be triggered on $2.90, I recommend you sell when it reaches the green area, and wait for the market to settle.
Better miss some profit than lose more.

Please don't hate me if it reaches more than 3 right after, but it is important to know that red candles are always following green ones at some point

This is a recommendation based on repeated pattern in the past few weeks.
Good luck
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: I sold at 2.99, best of luck, and if you are holding, I hope it goes further than $3.5

Idea Berkaitan

hahahahahahahaha funny
it still goes up, what is the next target?
moga111 ercanaydin1988
@ercanaydin1988, yes it is, the CCI shows its overbought, which means there must be a sell out very soon. I can't predict the top price :( the charts suggest that $3.0 is the target, give or take, so if you are still in monitor the market closely, I have seen the huge sell out many times, it is nasty, some traders are setting up their stop losses at a price close from the current price, which when triggered, it will take the price at least 20-30 cents below the ALH
@moga111, thank you very much for attention! I keep my eyes on it, better not to take any risk for 20-30 cents below.
I am trying to short, but I am not allowed... everything is freezed? Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Thank you
moga111 gregoriochindamo
@gregoriochindamo, Bitstamp is working fine with me
sjBalla55 gregoriochindamo
@gregoriochindamo, what exchange?
SOLD at 3.2098, Thanks you <3
+1 Balas
moga111 Mohammed_Jo
@Mohammed_Jo, amazing sell!
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+1 Balas
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