Is this a time for XRP?

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XRP did great move at last months after the big read at market Xrp take his seat and It remained coherent just play around 0.13 /0.23/0.29

that was a nice try at 0.29 But soon ended in failure

now xrp he returned to 0.23 lines again

So Is this a time for XRP?

surely we will explain it by the simple way.
just the weekly candle close above $0.23/$0.25 next stop will be $0.34 pass it 0.43 "not big deal" Confirm $0.56

so what you can do?

we are published early update about xrp at telegram channel



if you follow this update you got it from a good point if you didn't follow
you can wait close weekly then join direct

capital management is recommended

1. If you don't agree with my views or analysis then it's very simple doesn't tire yourself, FOLLOW SOMEONE ELSE.
2. I am not here to give you financial advice and if you take a trade it is your full responsibility, not mine.
3. I am not your Professional Trading Mentor or here to provide you with a Free Professional Trading Advisory Service.
4. I am not obliged to provide analysis, commentary or answer any of your questions. I am here to trade for my sole benefit, not for your benefit.
5. I am a paid member, not a free member, so I am on Trading Views to use their paid services. My presence on TV is not to provide you with analysis.
6. I am happy to help you in your trading if I choose to and I feel you are being a courtesy. It is my free choice to answer you, I am not obliged to.
7. If I provide and give up my valuable time providing analysis to you please respect that I am providing it free of charge. Appreciate it and don't take it for granted.
8. If you comment to me, simply be courteous and we can show each other mutual respect. If you are rude or disrespectful I will ignore you. Be polite.
9. If you are abusive I will report you and will leave it to the moderators to decide if you should be banned.
10. If you don't like my views eg If I think Bitcoin is going up and you think it is going down, then please do not abuse me just for having opposing view to you. Show us all your analysis, don't hide behind rude comments and alias name. Lack of analysis shows lack of knowledge and experience.
11. I have no issue with you expressing your opinion or disagreeing with my views but please don't disrespect me or write personal comments, this is offensive.
12. I offer my assistance to you and I am not obliged to do that. to be polite in your request for help.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: the weekly candle close above $0.23/$0.25 next stop will be $0.34
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dagangan aktif: active trade again at 0.19750003 Enter margin 5 %
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: current candle give good sign next move expect will be green if didn't wait for 0.10 0.087
Komen: XRP play for 2 weeks above major support area at $0.18/0.19(B 2800 ) didn`t pass didn`t break up but reaction for both levels very good at weekly frame especially at USDT
Komen: at BTC break out down a channel

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: Hit 3600 vs btc we ready to go
Komen: trade still active sine Oct 28
expect movement in next 15 days from now

targets still $0.39 $0.5
for long
$0.75 $1
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: last update for XRP-USDT we was said
Nov 28
Comment: trade still active sine Oct 28
expect movement in next 15 days from now

i think today is the last day at our 15 days :) XRP say hello
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Gained the first target with 115% at $0.42
next targets at $0.5 $0.6
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: XRP update
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: as we mentioned targets at Nov 28 for our trade from $0.19
targets still $0.39 $0.5
for long
$0.75 $1
we gained $0.39 $0.5 $0.75 total gained 340 %

the last target for this trade is $1 $1.30
update if you look for re-buy levels
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: Comment: active reloaded at $0.80 target $1.20
Sl= $0.60
capital management is recommended
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: Mian call from $0.19 in profit now 429 %
Reloaded signal at $0.80 at profit now about 30 % of profit
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: close all at $1.20 gained at call from $0.19 about 525 % of the profit
sec call from $0.8 gained 45 %
total gained from xrp analysis with updates
pass 550 %
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay
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HamadaMark NadjiTrader
Thanks, dear bro @NadjiTrader, for your kind words saw it now but we not the best we are normal like other just try help other at this market and what you see is reconcile and repay from Allah
Re-buy suggestion would be nice - my rebuy points are 0.68 and 0.58
loool just few hours ago I was wondering If I have to buy/ or no buy/buy/no buy... hahahaha anyway I'm afraid about the Ripple one of the mysterious crypto manipulated but strange people no one know them realy. Hope that' I'm wrong !
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HamadaMark Ghosthawk
@Ghosthawk, looks they just Say H from Him and all sell it lol
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Ghosthawk HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, loool absolutely
macha2allah alik DR Hamada
+1 Balas
@kicklink, Thanks Dear brother
pelese hamada xrp / btc
+1 Balas
@retolana, good for enter bro follow capital management
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