XRP: Two possible directions

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I see the following two possibilities on XRP.

1. We have finished the ABC retracement, and have now begun the third wave to $1.5-1.6.

2. We have *not* finished the ABC retracement, and will hit 0.7-0.8 before the next leg up.

The retracement would be lower than usual, but with BTC + the alts dumping, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw a lower retracement than usual.

Either way, it appears to be a solid investment. For a disclaimer, I will open a trade only if option 2 is correct. If not, I will be investing elsewhere ( BTC most likely).

I am a beginner; any tips/comments much appreciated.

Good luck :)
Komen: Well done to all those who bought in low.

As we are currently going, it could be that XRP pumps back up along the wave count given in the chart. But this all depends on whether or not BTC takes a deeper correction. Everybody is relaxed - remember this is crypto. Breaks in dips are quite normal, we could push a little lower. For now, I am still bullish on XRP.

Happy holidays!
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