RIPPLE XRP/USD - BIG MOVE COMING! Wave 5 on the Horizon

Everyone should look at the Ripple/USD chart in Log scale dating back 1 year to see whats really going on.

Its EXTREMELY Technical and is following the trend to perfection.

Say what you want about Ripple but you cant deny the BIG Moves it makes when its all gas'd up.
To me, its just a money making opportunity. I get in and get out.

We are in a descending wedge from the last correction and its about to break up. It wouldnt make sense for it to break down below the trend line that its followed for the past year when we're not at the end of it yet.
It would have to be squeezed out of it at the top which if you follow my trendline to the top this should happen around may which is when we will see the real correction take place. This last one was peanuts IMO

Also, this pattern lines up perfectly with the FIB so if my TA is correct im seeing a top around $8-$10 as hard is that is to believe but i cant see it play out any other way being its so technical.

***NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE... This is just my humble opinion. Ive been wrong many times, and i may be again, but this one is hard to ignor.
Id love to get the opinions from others if you see what im seeing

Happy Trading Ya'll!
Yea even I have same analysis. You validated it :)...Thanks!!!
VIRTUALPAPER rkerketta1986
@rkerketta1986, thanks! appreciate!! lets hope for the best, we're not out of the woods just yet... im thinking before march 25th (if not sooner) is when we should see this start to move
very good work. Big project. could you do the same with trx tron? please
@yoye88, sure, ill take a look now for you
@VIRTUALPAPER, thanks!!!!
@yoye88, let me know if you want to pick a different coin... ill be around for another 10 min or so
@yoye88, Bro i just look at Tron for you and honestly theres not enough history for me to give the same type of TA with confidence...
I would need atleast a 1 year history for me to look at it the same way as i just did the Ripple TA.
That said, If you want to pick a different coin that has atleast 1 year history I will gladly do a TA for you.
@VIRTUALPAPER, i have tron stellar and ripple
@yoye88, ok ill look at Stellar.. good pick, thats my other fave coin :)
@yoye88, Here ya go bro... I dont think its as clearly obvious as Ripple, but i believe in this project which is why im taking the optimistic route . Link Below
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