XRPUSD - Getting Ready to Rise !!!

BITTREX:XRPUSDT   Ripple / Tether
XRPUSD - XRP has been moving in the channel steadily despite BTC             up/down movement. Finally it is pushing the resistance, and can potential break it. All the indicators show a bullish sign, and potential upward movement in the upcoming hours/days. There is a strong support at 0.65 level. If the resistance is broken (may take some time), we can easily see >1 $ and more. Regardless, XRP has strong potential to hit new ATHs in upcoming days/weeks. I am not a big fan of this coin, but I highly recommend to buy some now (or while within the channel) and hodl it. It will pay off..

Perdagangan aktif
Komen: First target reached !! We are seeing some pullback due to market conditions. I believe this will be a temp pullback. We should be going up toward our second target soon.
Komen: Forgot to mention: Also this is a good time for those who missed the first train. You can buy now..
Perdagangan tutup: sasaran tercapai: 2nd Target reached. It is holding it well despite BTC's drop. Moderate and steady (healthy) upward movement continues. Still not too late to buy some. We'll try 1.75 level as a next target.
Perdagangan aktif: Retesting 1.08 level again. If broken, we will aim 1.23 and 1.8 level...
Perdagangan aktif: Pushing Target 2 (1.23 level)..It is moving up steadily..
Komen: Keep in mind we can always retest the resistance that we broke... It is healthy..
Perdagangan aktif: Moving up.. Slowly but steady..Next target is 1.80 level..
Thanks for the post! how high do you think it might eventually get? considering there are so many of their coins out there. Mario
CatoOzz33 PRO SuperMario4
@SuperMario4, In the short term, it can push 1.7 after breaking Target 1 and 2 resistance. Slow/moderate but steady increase is always healthy and trustworthy regardless of the situation of BTC and other major coins.
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