XVGBTC would most possibly crush due to planned FORK in next day

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Another disaster is coming, Vergecurrency announces the wallet upgrade and fork forcing exchanges to upgrade wallet or stop trading XVG.

After Disaster with Wraith release in 1 January most possibly this will kill xvg finally, as soon as any problems with wallets will appear.

That there will be bugs, is VERY probable as of nobody can write code with absolutely no bugs

The problem with XVG is everybody is very sensitive to any fail.

Better wait till the fork is finished and most of exchanges report that they are able to use the new wallet or stop trading XVG before investing.
Komen: As I expected the first problems with Exchanges appeared
Yobit is still not responding if it will support the hardfork
Komen: LiteBit have also problems with supporting verge
All this guy does is trash XVG. With fake news. The fork isnt going to kill the coin. The hard fork was because the Dev did a soft fork and the major mining pools did not upgrade so he forced them to by doing a hard fork, this makes the stealth transactions happen correctly now.
Your information is not treu, the wraith protocol is fully tested on a virtual exchange where the bugs founded and fixed thats why the fork happend days later the release. Xvg now on the support and wil make a shot to 1800 satoshi new support wil be 1350 after that we can reach the 2500 satoshi letsssss gooo
FUD. It's just a forced wallet upgrade, not a catastrophe. Jesus.
viparmenia PSekula
@PSekula, it is HARD Fork, but problem is marketing, which is for a billion market coin extremely weak and often fails.
I expect it will fail also this time
You know nothing john snow. Most of your analysis failing lol.
+3 Balas
so all along xvg was just a shtcoin
viparmenia AdamYonas
@AdamYonas, xvg is not a shitcoin, there is a lot better than many if not all. But amount devs and marketing responsibles are unprOfessional in sense of real market
+1 Balas
AdamYonas viparmenia
@viparmenia, how long do you think it will remain this price?
viparmenia AdamYonas
@AdamYonas, follow the instabilities of bitcoin, if the btc will go down the price will not hold.
My prediction is 50% down till April
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AdamYonas viparmenia
@viparmenia, That's possible tbh thanks
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