XVG Verge - 83% Target expected over the next 12 hours

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Dilihat 3269 kali
3269 15
Verge is continuing this upward trend after a slight slow down today. I've been in and out of positions in Verge, but mostly in heavy now and will see how this pans out over the next 8-12 hours. Should complete within about 10 hours total before it slows again. After the rallies of this weekend, we may see an additional surge or correction on Monday, depending on how Sunday fairs.

83% is moderate as XVG has exceeded 100% growth in the past 24 hours. So we're just continuing this pattern and hoping for 300-350% over the 7 day period.
fast approaching 9 cents and 450 satoshi! HODL!
You were a magician !
Thanks, good call if you got in early. Please update your week projection if pos
what's your buy zone?
what's going on
404 - Houston we have a problem
Verge / Dollar on BITTREX?
...BTC-XVG only...
lost 3 btc with this call when in and out at 280-32. Will ride another day.. :(
Tin.Foil davesnap
@davesnap, I'm not even close to trading at that level. But I did make a bunch then lost 80% because I held too long. I should have followed my chart and just set a sell in advance. I would have seen it hit on that second attempt and would have pocketed a great gain.

Trading on bittrex and just not finding a good app yet for managing things, so I've had to do it manually through a browser while I'm running around. Binance is great, need to move more funds there so I can trade easily if I can't find a solution to Bittrex. But Bittrex has had the greatest returns, as difficult as its been to trade on.
chadkoss davesnap
@davesnap, damnnnnn just hold, too late to pull out
going down again..... I'm holding
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