XVG Dont sell too early. Look at the daily chart

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)

Crypto traders get too wrapped up in the minute by minute plays. Daily bullish candles like this are extremely strong if they can hold the . 382 retracement . If we can hold over the .236, very good chance this move will continue this week. Around the .382 we will probably see some consolidation for a bit. At the .50 or under there may be a short term reversal, but this is very unlikely considering the fundamentals of this coin.
Do you Guys believe that Verge will go to €1,- or higher?
ruckus49 LAMRINI
@LAMRINI, honestly, no. not for a long time at least. too much hype around the number. i'm just going to keep reading the charts. its on fire right now but will cool off eventually
MuMPiTz ruckus49
@ruckus49, how much you think it will eventually retrace? back to 0.12$ or less?
LAMRINI ruckus49

Thanks for your reply, I think the release of Wrathprotocol will push it a little higher, maybe €0.3/4.
Long term for me don’t know how day traders do it
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