BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I believe the boost that verge had was just part 1 of something greater. If this is a breakout tonight, there should be the continuation of the uptrend. If not, then expect the correction which i drew. Would love all thoughts and comment!! we are all here to help each other!
Komen: I did an extension to determine the first arrow but i didnt wanna clutter up the screen for you guys.
Dagangan aktif:

watch out guys
Komen: breakout happened. its very possible this will be wave 5
Komen: WIll be posting an updated chart after yesterdays breakout. if you bought in below the 1000s HODL!!!
Dagangan aktif: The main graph at the top of the screen is not active anymore. Verge has gone parabolic.

New projection here.

Any signs of a possible dip in the near future?
srankoin Johnny66
@Johnny66, we are in a very dangerous range but then again ive been saying that past few days. xvg is breaking all the rules. depending on your position i would hodl. i know i am. but then again i got in very early.
as part of the abc correction i should bounce back from the 0.127 mark
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srankoin xellos
can you explain please?
xellos srankoin
looks as though the abc correction is finished after wave one, so the subwaves seem as though they are on wave 3 of 5,should continue upwards
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srankoin xellos
@xellos, ah so you seeing more a triangle abcde correction? very likely. nice point.
jb71 srankoin
@srankoin, I'm seeing it as a triangle abcde as well. Should come down to $0.09 next
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@srankoin, I'm a noob - could you post said triangle. At what level do you expect to it as the resistance level? I've had good success w/this coin and am going 'all-in' with my spare Ether. I'd rather not ride it into nine cents, even though I expect it to ultimately run much higher. Where should I set a stop-limit order?
srankoin poundingcode
@poundingcode, THe chart was before the breakout happened in the morning. what a crazy ride :) i hope you didnt sell haha
@srankoin, Thanks, sir. I didn't! Took a ride on the rocket!

Where is a good source to learn how to understand these patterns, strategies?
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