ZCL Bullflag on 1hr Chart, Medium Term

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
ZCL             is forming an absolute monster of a bullflag on the 1hr chart.
As you probably know, ZCL             is rebranding into Bitcoin             Private, airdropping BTP to any ZCL             holders sometime in January 2018.
Potential 2-3x. Good Fundamentals.

Buy Zone = Anything below 7300 is good.
SL = Sell if pennant breaks downwards. 6800-7000.

Medium Term, 2-4 weeks.
Komen: Dipped to 6300 because of BTC, but fundamentals are still strong.
Formed another bull flag (a larger one) and went parabolic from there.

Weak hands sold at 6000 and missed the price doubling.

I personally HODLed since i entered at a very good price on the 27th Dec