ZCLBTC updated graph for short term trading.

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Itlooks like it is moving in the horizontal channel between 481-692.
support and resistances work great I think.

It looks like to move upward. If it can break the 692 level will coninue its upward movements.
The important support is at 482 level. Before this level blue trend support zone and 576 levels are strong supports also.

Komen: A good breakout occured for the 692 resistance level.
Now, above this level I think the positive look continues.

first target above this level is 880.
Komen: I think we have reached the target 880 by seeing 857.
Probably it will go its upward movement. But dont forget to change your stop loss levels by the price movements.

If it breaks the 880 level. possible targets will be 986-1124-1245
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Thanks for update! Do you see risk in just holding? I only brought 25 coins? Happy New Year!
jamiryo millitrades
@millitrades, need to be careful I think, bu the support zones work well I think.
you need to put stop losses for yourself.
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