Uber REX Oscillator [UTS]

The Rex Oscillator measures market behavior based on the relationship of the close to the open, high and low values of the same bar. A big difference between the high and close on a bar indicates weakness, and wide disparity between the low and close indicates strength. The difference between open and close also indicates market performance.
When the Rex Oscillator turns positive in a bearish trend , a reversal is indicated. Likewise, Rex turning negative in a bull market indicates a reversal to the downside.

General Usage

The Rex Oscillator is mostly used as a Reversal and Exit indicator.
Signals are created when Rex is crossing the Signal line. They that can be used to EXIT or LONG/SHORT a trade.
It is worth investing the time and fine-tune the settings: e.g. SuperSmoothed 16 and HMA 40 provides decent results.

Moving Averages

16 different Moving Averages are available:
A freely determinable length allows for sensitivity adjustments that fits your own requirements.


Traders can easily use the reversal signal to trigger alerts from:
  • Cross Up
  • Cross Down

Those values are > zero if a condition is triggered.
Alert condition example: "Cross Up" - "Greater Than" - "0"

Trend Visualization

Optional: If the signal line trend direction is DOWN it is painted red. If the trend direction is UP the signal line is painted in green.
Catatan Pelepasan:
  • Reduced line thickness
  • Added optional zero line
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this has really good entry and exits. what is the best setting for this? do you use any filter to ignore false signals? thanks
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