Sentimental Cycles with Crossings

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This indicator provides the following options, where you can choose to display:
  • DEMA TEMA cycles, filtered by default with sentiment.
  • Sentiment cloud, based on the 200ema area between the 1 minute and 1 hour lines.
  • One or both ema crossings with their respective timeframes (independent from current chart timeframe) and optional line display.
  • One or two tickers and their respective crossings based on selected timeframes.
  • Additional EMA lines supplied with their very own timeframe.

This indicator is intended to be used any way suitable to the user, nearly every aspect is customizable, and the defaults are just enough to get you started on deciding whether it's time to enter calls or puts.

TIPS for optimal results:
- Try using 2 charts: the 1 minute and the 1 hour per symbol. Under the 1 minute chart, use the 3 minute and 5 minute timeframe for crossings.
- Try to start a position when a sentimental DEMA TEMA cloud is beginning to form. The first bar usually pays thicc.
- Tickers SPY and VXX can be of good reference for market direction. If all crossings coincide, it's because there's a strong momentum in a certain direction for the market.
Nota Keluaran:
V2 and V3: Minor adjustments done to ema line titles and to the ema crossing options for the extra tickers.
Nota Keluaran:
V4 and V5: New feature introduced - Sentimental RSI!

With this new implementation, now you can see overbought regions under bearish sentiment and oversold regions under bullish sentiment. This helps to guide your entries on a potential potential highest high and lowest low!

Also, some minor adjustments were introduced to shorten the settings menu for quicker settings adjustments. Cheers to all!
Nota Keluaran:
V6: Quick clean up on the second ema signals.
Nota Keluaran:
V7 and V8: In this massive update:
- RSI and Price Target tables are introduced!
- RSI Table shows RSI for up to two other tickers!
- Price Target table is based off of Fibonacci and linear regression slope.
- A lot of improvements were made to fine tune the cycles so they feel more accurate.
Nota Keluaran:
V9: Updated the RSI color titles to reflect correctly on the chart.
Nota Keluaran:
V10: In this update, the RSI table is greatly adjusted and fine tuned to display cycle and current crossing of two other tickers. On top of this, it weigh which of the 3 tickers has an absolutely strong crossing (it doesn't matter if it is in the negative direction and the other two are in the positive direction!)

Further more, the optional (extra) ema lines were reduced from 4 to 1, primarily to improve performance of the indicator and to increase usability.
Nota Keluaran:
V11: Added colors for the EMA lines.
Nota Keluaran:
V12 & 13: Adjustment to fully edit the table colors, including the text! Also enhanced the cycle formula to reflect properly in the table! Cheers!
Nota Keluaran:
V14: Minor update to the appearance of the Gem emoji, to properly show which ticker has the greater ema gap (whether bearish or bullish).
Nota Keluaran:
V15 & V16: In this update -
- EMA gap percentages are introduced! This allows you to see when the next EMA crossing approaches! Way to keep track of the future!
- Adjusted the boring square cycle emojis for circular ones! Circle cycles!
- Option to remove the headers now available! With the advent of tooltips/popups to remind you what each particular value refers to!
- Replaced the default VXX ticker for SQQQ.
- Minor performance improvements.
Nota Keluaran:
V17: Minor adjustment for the gem emoji logic.
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