5min Williams Fractals scalping (3commas)

Another strategy I'm learning Pine Script on. It is inspired by a MoneyZG youtube strategy called "Easy 5 Minute Scalping Strategy (Simple to Follow Scalping Trading Strategy)".

Again this is a one order per trade strategy compatible with the 3commas bot (works also with the free 3commas subscription). This strategy is based on the signals from Williams Fractals, taking the signals in reverse - red triangle indicates a bottom and hence we go long. The green triangle indicates a top so we go short. By default these signals are only accepted if they occur between the two Emas. However, you can also turn this off and when a WF signal comes in, only the current price has to be between the Emas. Stop loss is set to the current Ema slow and the take profit is a multiple of the distance to the slow ema .

Like previously I have added different filters as well as the ability to view essential things like the WF signal and Emas. I hope the script will help you to be more successful and if so it would be great if you could share here your setups, or tips on what would be good to refine to make it an even a more profitable strategy. Kind of a community approach so that we help each other out :).

Instructions for the 3commas connector:

1. First, you need to prepare 3commas Long/Short bots that will only listen to custom TV signals.
2. Inputs for the 3commas bot can be found at the end of the user inputs.
3. Once you have entered the required details into the inputs, turn on 3commas comments. They should appear on the chart (looks messy).
4. Now you can add the alert where you should paste the 3commas Webhook URL:
5. For the alert message text insert the placeholder {{strategy.order.comment}} and delete the rest.
6. Once the alert is saved, you can turn off those 3commas comments to have a clearer chart.
7. With a new alert, the bot and trade should launch.

In the near future I would like to publish more scripts that will carry similar elements as the first two, incl. compatibility with 3commas (I don't have access to another bot system). I will choose some strategies myself, but I will also be glad for some tips on what strategy would be good to do and is still missing here on Tradingview (short youtube videos or brief strategy manuals would be great).

Thanks and keep it up

PS: My screen values starting at Long Target Profit and ending at Pullback NOT greater than: 1.5; 1.5; 0; ON; 1; 2; OFF; 17; 36; ON; 0.05; ON; Chart; 14; 46; 50; 48.5; 51; OFF; 1; ON; 4; 2.
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