Multiple Timeframe (Moving Average) With Info

This indicator combine 4 indicator in one pine script : Main indicator is Moving Average in multiple timeframes, Bollinger Band , Crossover Signal, Info Panel, 52Weeks High & 52 Weeks Low.

For multiple moving average, it has 9 difference timeframes.
- Default timeframes is (1minute, 5minutes, 15minutes, 30minutes, 1hour, 4hours, 1Day, 1Week & 1Month). User also have choices to change the option.
- For Moving Average, there also available multiple choice of Moving Average : SMA , EMA , DEMA , VWMA , RMA, WMA . Default Moving Average is EMA (200)
- There also include info panel / table that show TF (Timeframes) for every MAs, & their price. Colors change according to current price. Bullish = Green, Neutral = Neutral, Bearish = Red
There are also function for user to turn on/off :
- (MA) Type & Lenght.
- Multiple MAs.
- Info / Table

User can use multiple line in daily chart to find support & resistance .

Example : For uptrend stock, candle close on top of EMA200 line for 1 hour timeframe. So it's can becomes immediate support, while the other EMAs on below is their next support.
Example :

For downtrend stock, candle close on top of EMA200 line for 5minutes timeframe. So it's become support, while the other EMAs on top is their resistance.
Example :

This Multiple MAs Inspired by xdecow :
Checkout his Multi Timeframe Moving Average here :

This indicator also have Bollingger Band. User have option to turn it on / off. User can use it as a target price if all the EMAs below the candle.

Example :

This indicator also shown 52 Weeks High & 52 Weeks Low. User have option to turn it on / off. Their price also shown at the info panel.

Example :

Crossover Signal. This crossover is default, it happen when candle close on top / near timeframe 5Minutes is (Ready). While candle close below timeframe 5Minutes is (Caution). User can choice other shape if they don't want the text label. To change the crossover for other setup, user can change it under = #2. The crossover only shown in past 10 candle.

Example :

Feel free to use it & comment. Thanks.

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