Fibonacci Zone Oscillator With MACD Histogram

The columns
After I found a way to calculate a price as a percent of the middle line of the KeltCOG Channel in the KCGmut indicator (published), I got the idea to use the same trick in the Fbonacci Zone Channel (also published), thus creating an oscillator.
I plot the percent’s as columns with the color of the KeltCOG Channel. Because the channels I created and published (i.e. Fibonacci Zone, Donchian Fibonacci Trading Tool, Keltner Fibzones, and KeltCOG) all use Fibonacci zones, this indicator also reports the position of the close in their zones.
Strategy and Use:
Blue column: Close in uptrend area, 4 supports, 0 resistance, ready to rally up.
Green column: Close in buyers area, 3 supports, 1 resistance, looking up.
Gray column: Close in center area 2 supports, 2 resistances, undecided.
Yellow column: Close in sellers area 1 support, 3 resistances, looking down.
Red column: Close in downtrend area, 0 support, 4 resistances, ready to rally down.
I use this indicator in a layout with three timeframes which I use for stock picking, I pick all stocks with a blue column in every timeframe, the indicator is so clear that I can flip through the 50 charts of my universe of high liquid European blue chips in 15 minutes to make a list of these stocks.
Because I use it in conjunction with KeltCOG I also gave it a ‘script sets lookback’ option which can be checked with a feedback label and switched off in the inputs.

The MACD histogram
I admire the MACD because it is spot on when predicting tops and bottoms. It is also the most sexy indictor in TA. Actually just the histogram is needed, so I don’t show the macd-line and the signal line. I use the same lookback for the slow-ma as for the columns, set the fast-ma to half and the signal-line to a third of the general lookback. Therefore I gave the lookback a minimum value of 6, so the signal gets at least a lookback of 2.
The histogram is plotted three times, first as a whitish area to provide a background, then the colums of the Fibzone Oscillator are plotted, then the histogram as a purple line, which contrasts nicely and then as a hardly visible brown histogram.
The input settings give the option to show columns and histogram separate or together.
Strategy and use:
I think about the columns as showing a ‘longer term chosen momentum’ and about the histogram as a ‘short term power momentum’. I use it as additional information.

Enjoy, Eykpunter.
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