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People often look an indicator in their technical analysis to enter a position. We may also need to look at the signals of one or more indicators to verify the signals given by some indicators. In this context, I developed a strategy to test whether it really works by choosing some of the indicators that capture trend changes with the same characteristics. Also, since the subject is to catch the trend change, I thought it would be right to include an indicator using the heikin ashi logic. By averaging and smoothing the market noise, Heiken Ashi makes it easier to detect the direction of the trend helps to see possible reversal points on the chart. However, it should be noted that Heiken Ashi is a lagging indicator.

I picked 5 different indicators (but their purpose are similar) and combined them to produce buy and sell signals based on your choice(not repaint). First of all let's get some information about our indicators. So you will understand me why i picked these indicators and what is the meaning of their signals.

1 — Coral Trend Indicator by LazyBear
Coral Trend Indicator is a linear combination of moving averages, all obtained by a triple or higher order exponential smoothing. The indicator comes with a trend indication which is based on the normalized slope of the plot. the usage of this indicator is simple. When the color of the line is green that means the market is in uptrend. But when the color is red that means the market is in downtrend.

As you see the original indicator it is simple to find is it in uptrend or downtrend.
So i added a code to find when the color of the line change. When it turns green to red my script giving sell signals, when it turns red to green it gives buy signals.

I hide the candles to show you more clearly what is happening when you choose only Coral Strategy. But sometimes it is not enough only using itself. Even if green dots turn to red it continues in uptrend. So we need a to look another indicator to approve our signal.

2 — SSL channel by ErwinBeckers
Known as the SSL , the Semaphore Signal Level channel is an indicator that combines moving averages to provide you with a clear visual signal of price movement dynamics. In short, it's designed to show you when a price trend is forming. This indicator creates a band by calculating the high and low values ​​according to the determined period. Simply if you decide 10 as period, it calculates a 10-period moving average on the latest 10 highs. Calculate a 10-period moving average on the latest 10 lows. If the price falls below the low band, the downtrend begins, if the price closes above the high band, the uptrend begins. Lets look the original form of indicator and learn how it using.

If the red line is below and the green band is above, it means that we are in uptrend, and if it is on the opposite side, it means that we are in downtrend. Therefore, it would be logical to enter a position where the trend has changed. So i added a code to find when the crossover has occured.

As you see in my strategy, it gives you signals when the trend has changed. But sometimes it is not enough only using this indicator itself. So lets look 2 indicator together in one chart.

Look circle SSL is saying it is in downtrend but Coral is saying it has entered in uptrend. if we just look to coral signal it can misleads us. So it can be better to look another indicator for validating our signals.

3 — Heikin Ashi RSI Oscillator by JayRogers
The Heikin-Ashi technique is used by technical traders to identify a given trend more easily. Heikin-Ashi has a smoother look because it is essentially taking an average of the movement. There is a tendency with Heikin-Ashi for the candles to stay red during a downtrend and green during an uptrend, whereas normal candlesticks alternate color even if the price is moving dominantly in one direction. This indicator actually recalculates the RSI indicator with the logic of heikin ashi. Due to smoothing, the bars are formed with a slight lag, reflecting the trend rather than the exact price movement. So lets look the original version to understand more clearly. If red bars turn to green bars it means uptrend may begin, if green bars turn to red it means downtrend may begin.

As you see HARSI giving lots of signal some of them is really good but some of them are not very well. Because it gives so much signals Now i will change time period and lets look same chart again.

Now results are better because of heikin ashi's logic. it is not suitable for day traders, it gives more accurate result when using the time period is longer. But it can be useful to use this indicator in short time periods using with other indicators. So you may catch the trend changes more accurately.

This indicator uses a double EMA and MACD algorithm to analyze the direction of the trend. Though it might seem a tough task to manage the trades with the help of MACD DEMA once you know how the proper way to interpret the signal lines, it will be an easy task.
This indicator also smoothens the signal lines with the time series algorithm which eventually makes the higher time frame important. So, expecting better results in the lower time frame can result in big losses as the data reading from the MACD DEMA will not be accurate. In order to understand the function of this indicator, you have to know the functions of the EMA also.
The exponential moving average tends to give more priority to the recent price changes. So, expecting better results when the volatility is very high is a very risky approach to trade the market. Moreover, the MACD has some lagging issues compared to the EMA, so it is super important to use a trading method that focuses on the higher time frame only. What does MACD 12 26 Close 9 mean? When the DEMA-9 crosses above the MACD(12,26), this is considered a bearish signal. It means the trend in the stock – its magnitude and/or momentum – is starting to shift course. When the MACD(12,26) crosses above the DEMA-9, this is considered a bullish signal. Lets see this indicator on Chart.

When the blue line crossover red line it is good time to buy. As you see from the chart i put arrows where the crossover are appeared.
When the red line crossover blue line it is good time to sell or exit from position.

5 — WaveTrend Oscillator by LazyBear

This is a technical indicator that creates high and low bands between two values. It then creates a trend indicator that draws waves with highs and lows within these boundaries. WaveTrend is a widely used indicator for finding direction of an asset.
Calculation period: number of candles used to calculate WaveTrend, defaults to 10. Averaging period: number of candles used to average WaveTrend, defaults to 21.

As you see in chart when the lines crossover occured my strategy gives buy or sell signals.


I hope you understand how the indicators I mentioned above work and what they are used for. Now, I will explain in detail how to use the strategy I have created.

When you enter the settings section, you will see 5 types of indicators. If you want to use the signals of the indicators, simply tick the box next to the indicators. Also, under each option there is an area where you can set the "lookback". This setting is a field that will make the signals overlap when you select more than one option. If you are going to trade with only one option, you should make sure that this field is 0. Otherwise, it may continue to generate as many signals as you choose.
Lets see in chart for easy understanding.

As you see chart, if i chose only HARSI with lookback 0 (HARSI and CORAL should be 1 minumum because of algorithm-we looking 1 bar before, others 0 because we are looking crossovers), it will give signals only when harsı bar's color changed. But when i changed Lookback as 7 it will be like this in chart.

Now i will choose 2 indicator with settings of their lookback 0.

As you see it will give signals when both of them occurs same time. But HARSI is an indicator giving very early signal so we can enter position 5-6 bars after the first bar color change. So i will change HARSI Lookback settings as 7. Lets look what happens when we use lookback option.

So it wil be useful to change lookback settings to find best signals in each time period and in each symbol. But it shouldnt be too high. Because you can be late to catch trend's starting.

this is an image of MACD and WAVE trend used and lookback option are both 6.

Now lets see an example with 3 options are chosen with lookback option 11-1-5

Now lets talk about indicators settings. After strategy options you will see each indicators settings, you can change their settings as you desired. So each indicators signal will be changed according to your adjustment.

I left strategy options with default settings. You can change it manually as if you want.
█  LIMITATIONS: Don't rely on non-standard charts results. For example Heikin Ashi is a technical analysis method used with the traditional candlestick chart.Heikin Ashi vs. Candlestick Chart: The decisive visual difference between Heikin Ashi and the traditional chart is that Heikin Ashi flattens the traditional candlestick chart using a modified formula.
The primary advantage of Heikin Ashi is that it makes the chart more reader-friendly and helps users identify and analyze trends.
Because Heikin Ashi provides averaged price information rather than real-time price and reacts slowly to volatility — not suitable for scalpers and high-frequency traders. I added HARSI indicator as a supportive signal because it is useful with using CORAL and SSL channel indicators. If you change your candle types to Heikin Ashi , your profit will change in good way but dont rely on it.
Special thanks to authors of the scripts that i used.

@LazyBear and @ErwinBeckers and @JayRogers and @ToFFF
Any trade decisions you make are entirely your own responsibility.

Nota Keluaran:

New feature "Multiple Signals" added.

In the old version, when a buy signal occurred, a buy signal did not occur again until the sell signal occurred. With the new feature, a button has now been added where you can create multiple buy signals in the same direction. If you activate this option, you will be able to receive more than one signal in the same direction as you can see below.


If you activate the new option, you can receive signals one after the other due to the "lookback" option. So you may need to minimize the "lookback" setting. Otherwise, you may encounter the following situation.

Nota Keluaran:

New feature "Take Profit- Stop Loss" and "Customizing Alert Messages" options added.

Use Take Profit : if you check this it will use Take Profit from Chart Move value to close the opened order.
For example if you check this and enter "1" value, order will close after price hits %1 above from enter price. But it is important to know that enter price is the last close price.
Use Stop Loss : if you check this it will use Stop Loss from Chart Move value to close the opened order.
Long Entry Message: If the strategy open buy order, it will send you the messages you write in here.
Long Exit Message: If the strategy closed by reaching the TP/SL limit, it will give you the message you write in here.
Short Entry Message: If the strategy open sell order, it will send you the message you you write in here.
Short Exit Message : If the strategy closed by reaching the TP/SL limit, it will give you the message you write in here.


I used these new codes first time, so it may have some bugs. So be careful, if you find any bug please inform me immediately.
Nota Keluaran:
Minor update

Strategy will close short positions when long positions are opened or it will close long positions when short positions are opened.
Also you can it will give alert when that condition is met.
Nota Keluaran:

New feature "Calculation Start Settings"
Now you can set date so strategy will start calculations from your desired date.

Alsoe i fixed TP & SL settings. Now it will calculate correctly.
Nota Keluaran:
Stop loss function is not working correctly so i removed it temporarly.

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