P-Signal v2.0

P-Signal v.2.0 is a modified and improved version of an earlier published P-Signal. This version allows to observe
the signal image for a multi frame - a specific set of periods. In this version it is {T, 2T, 4T, 8T, 16T},
where T equals the “working” time i.e. period for which a chart is observed. For example, if T=5m, one can observe
P-Signal not only for 5m period (ocher curve) but also an average image of P-Signal for 5m, 10m, 20m, 40m, 80m
periods (grey curve) without switching over frames.

Moreover p-Signal v2.0 allows to catch "winning" combinations with help of alerts. When alert is active, you'll receive
a notification if combination exists after working frame was closed. There are two combinations in this version:
“High” and “Straight”. The terminology is borrowed from poker game to more easily present trading ideas.
For example: " EUR.USD Straight SHORT on 4h " and so on.

The “High” alert corresponds to absolute value of Gauss error function of working frame (T) not less the value which
is defined by Alert on “High” parameter. The “Straight” combination is registered if same sign signals (poker “flush”)
are observed simultaneously over set of periods. The rank of “Straight” combination is defined by T and Alert on “Straight”
parameter. This combination is less frequent, but stronger the previous one if parameters are chosen reasonably.

Value of parameters depend on T. The lower T the closer parameters to 1. By default “High” equals to 0.98 and
“Straight” equals to 0.85. Both for T=1m. The other parameters correspond to the first version.

Important ! For correct operation T should not exceed the values of hourly time frames!

Good luck!
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