Vervoort Heiken Ashi Candlestick Oscillator

Heiken-Ashi Candlestick Oscillator (HACO), by Sylvian Vervoort, is a digital oscillator version of the colored candlesticks .

Explanation from Vervoort:

"HACO is not meant to be an automatic trading system, so when there is a buy or sell signal from HACO, make sure it is confirmed by other TA techniques. HACO will certainly aid in signaling buy/sell opportunities and help you hold on to a trade, making it more profitable. The behavior of HACO is closely related to the level and speed of price change. It can be used on charts of any time frame ranging from intraday to monthly."

HACO has 2 configurable length parameters - "UP TEMA length" and "Down TEMA length". Vervoort suggests having them the same value.

I have also added an option to color the bars (overlay mode).

More info:
Trading with the Heiken-Ashi Candlestick Oscillator - Sylvian Vervoort

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- GDoc:
- Chart:
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// @author LazyBear 
// List of all my indicators: 
study("Vervoort Heiken Ashi Candlestick Oscillator [LazyBear]", shorttitle="HACO_LB")
avgup = input(title="Up TEMA Length", defval=34, minval=1, maxval=100 ) 
avgdn = input(title="Down TEMA Length", defval=34, minval=1, maxval=100 ) 
overlayMode=input(defval=false, title="Overlay mode (color bars)?")

calc_tema(src, length) =>
	ema1 = ema(src, length)
	ema2 = ema(ema1, length)
	ema3 = ema(ema2, length)
	3 * (ema1 - ema2) + ema3

calc_zltema( src, length ) => 
	tma1 = calc_tema( src, length ) 
	tma2 = calc_tema( tma1, length ) 
	diff = tma1 - tma2 
	tma1 + diff  
haO = (ohlc4[1] + nz(haO[1]))/2
haC = (ohlc4+haO+max(high,haO)+min(low,haO))/4

upTMA1= calc_zltema(haC,avgup)
upTMA2= calc_zltema(upTMA1,avgup)
upDiff= upTMA1 - upTMA2
upZlHa= upTMA1 + upDiff
upTMA12= calc_zltema(hl2,avgup)
upTMA22= calc_zltema(upTMA12,avgup)
upDiff2= upTMA12 - upTMA22
upZlCl= upTMA12 + upDiff2
upZlDiff= upZlCl - upZlHa
upKeep1= (haC >= haO) and (haC[1] >= haO[1])
upKeep2= upZlDiff>=0
upKeeping= (upKeep1 or upKeep2)
upKeepAll= upKeeping or (nz(upKeeping[1]) and (close>=open) or close>=close[1])
upKeep3= (abs(close-open)<(high-low)*0.35 and high>=(low[1]))
upTrend= upKeepAll or (nz(upKeepAll[1]) and upKeep3)

dnTMA1= calc_zltema(haC,avgdn)
dnTMA2= calc_zltema(dnTMA1,avgdn)
dnDiff= dnTMA1 - dnTMA2
dnZlHa= dnTMA1 + dnDiff
dnTMA12= calc_zltema(hl2,avgdn)
dnTMA22= calc_zltema(dnTMA12,avgdn)
dnDiff2= dnTMA12 - dnTMA22
dnZlCl= dnTMA12 + dnDiff2
dnZlDiff= dnZlCl - dnZlHa
dnKeep1= haC<haO and (haC[1]<haO[1]) 
dnKeep2= dnZlDiff<0
dnKeep3= abs(close-open)<(high-low)*0.35 and low<=high[1]
dnKeeping= dnKeep1 or dnKeep2
dnKeepAll= dnKeeping or (nz(dnKeeping[1]) and (close<open) or (close<close[1]))
dnTrend= iff(dnKeepAll or (nz(dnKeepAll[1]) and dnKeep3)==1,1,0)

upw= dnTrend==0 and nz(dnTrend[1]) and upTrend
dnw= upTrend==0 and nz(upTrend[1]) and dnTrend
haco= iff(upw,1,iff(dnw,-1,nz(haco[1])))

plot(not overlayMode ? haco : na, style=columns, color=haco_c)
barcolor(overlayMode ? haco_c : na)
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Hi, can I ask whether this indicator has to be used on HA charts or can it be used on normal candlesticks charts. I noticed the values of the indicators are indicator when I switch chart type. Wondering what is the correct chart type to use and what would be the adjustment to the source code if I need to use it in candlesticks charts (or renko charts) instead of HA charts?
+3 Balas
@lebbins, I was wondering the same thing.
I am attempting to understand how to plot the bars as this indicator does and for some reason, I keep getting lines instead of bars. Here is the sample code I used to test the concept - any idea why this is showing lines instead of bars?

study("My Script MSL", shorttitle="MyScript")
rising = close>close ? 1 : -1
bcolor = rising>0 ? green : red
plot (rising, style=columns, color=bcolor)
barcolor (bcolor)
+1 Balas
mikelines mikelines
@mikelines, the close did not copy the bracket - it should show close>close ? 1 : -1
Love your work LazyBear...always top shelf!
+1 Balas
LazyBear cooney_s
+1 Balas
People are searching out chart overlays with candle indicators that work better than traditional candles.

Thanks for your constant research and trials.
LazyBear QuantitativeExhaustion
Great indicator is there anyway that you can make alerts on these indicators?
LazyBear jamestrade14
Yes, alerts can be done on this. @ChrisMoody has a video on how to setup alerts.
+1 Balas
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