Function Markov Process

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this is very experimental and INCOMPLETE, use at your own discretion.

thanks glaz for the help :)
Catatan Pelepasan: Added pseudo random number generator, it can now forecast the odds for a random sequence. thinking about it now, need to print out the order of the sequence -_-
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This is very sexy. Not to annoy you, but do you think you'll be doing an updated version of this in the future? Is it possible to create a markov chain indicator in TradingView to predict price action in the immediate future?
RicardoSantos overttherainbow
@overttherainbow, work in progress depending on available time and focus on my part, its not easy to have a good state of mind to work on this stuff
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I wish I was not stupid :D
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overttherainbow michisuperfreak
@michisuperfreak, solidarity
Thanks for the caveat. It's fun to see a work in progress. This is one heck of a script and I'm excited to see where it goes.
Can you explain how do you trade using it? large spike of the blue line is a buy and red is a sell? thanks
This is very interesting. I found his trying to understand what is going on with this indicator: https://goo.gl/W9LN2m

How would you go about using this indicator on an experimental basis?
RicardoSantos dave.seremek
@dave.seremek, part of the inspiration came from there :D
other sources:

you can check for probabilities of any chaining events (range of bars, type of bars, length of events, etc..)
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Interesting, btw. didn't know you had matrixes in Pinescript,...

Ps. You mention the lack of random number generator.
Maybe this kind of (pseudo) random number generation can be used?

kinda you dont :D need to hack around it
thx, going to look into it, but not hopeful as the random generator needs to act on the for loop forward, i suppose it would be possible to create new seeds at each step but not sure if it would do :)
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