This is an intraday trading strategy.

Concept :

Underlying concept is that Amateurs open the market and Professionals close the market. Hence this system tries to capture the breakout in the afternoon session. After One PM Breakout (AOPM breakout). This essentially means that one has to go long once the high of the market till 1 pm is broken out and similarly go short once the low of the market till 1 pm is broken down.

Position sizing:

This strategy assumes taking 10 lots of Indian Market Index which approximately requires a margin of around INR 25,00,000. Hence capital is chosen as INR 25,00,000. Currency is assumed to be INR , however the system shows USD as currency as there is no INR option available. Commissions assumed to be at INR 50 per order as against the INR 20 per charged by retail brokers in India in real world market.


Past performance is not representative of future performance. Hence the author is not responsible for any trading loss arising out of implementing this strategy. Hence please implement at your own risk. Trading can result in loss of entire capital.

Trading is my passion.
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