Moving Averages - 5 Ribbon MTF Heatmap

This is a 5 Ribbon heatmap moving averages indicator where each represents a different time frame, The RED or GREEN color palette is also affected by asset velocity using ATR.
Supports various moving averages including VMA (Default), Zero Lag, TSF (Time Series Forecast).
A single ribbon is set to GREEN when fast MA (moving average) is above the slower MA and RED when fast MA is below the slower MA.
In the settings you can set the ATR length ( Average True Range ) which will affect the velocity calculation for the colors, higher ATR length will smooth the coloring more (Less color changes), while lower ATR will show more instant changes.

The brighter the GREEN is the stronger the up trend.
The brighter the RED is the stronger the down trend.
A weakening GREEN color can be a sign for a down reversal.
A weakening RED color can be a sign for a up reversal .

Supports alerts when fast moving average crosses slow moving average from all time frames, either way, up or down.

Comments/Suggested/Positive feedbacks are welcome and can make this indicator even better.

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Catatan Pelepasan: Minor fix with time frame labels.
Catatan Pelepasan: Added option to disable repainting at real time bars, default is repaint disabled.
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