Hybrid Overbought/Oversold Detector + Put/Call Signals

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There are many indicators of overbought/oversold conditions out there. Some of more common ones are:

- Bollinger Bands %B
- Money Flow Index (MFI)
- Relative Strength Index (RSI)
- Stochastic

This script uses a combination of these 4 oscillators to confirm overbought/oversold and filter the signals of market reverse which could be used for trading binary options.
You may select which oscillators you want to apply and of course change the source, the length of the calculations and the overbought/oversold levels.
Also the script will draw a combined graph which is the average of the selected oscillators in the options.

Send me your ideas!
Nota Keluaran:
A tweak to default OB/OS levels.
Nota Keluaran:
The 5th oscillator support added:
- Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) could now be applied.
Nota Keluaran:
Small coding tweaks!
Nota Keluaran:
Added 50-Line which could be useful sometimes.
Nota Keluaran:
Changed the structure of the code a bit and removed "Total Average" graph due to uselessness!
From now on, there is a new hybrid graph instead, which represents the OB/OS market exactly.
Nota Keluaran:
Added 0,100-lines to make a better display of Hybrid graph
Nota Keluaran:
- Added support for 3 new oscillators:
6. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
7. Keltner Channel %K
8. Rate Of Change (ROC)

- Made some changes to default OB/OS levels and colors
- Applied some coding tweaks
Nota Keluaran:
Major Update!
Manual setting of OB/OS levels removed; Instead, a procedure of automatic levels detection implemented which leads to some advantages:
- There is no more need for taking care of setting OB/OS levels manually by the user (specially an amateur one).
- The whole process of OB/OS detection could fit any data from any feed automatically.
- OB/OS levels could vary dynamically over time.

So it's all about reacting to any changes in market conditions. Good Luck!
Nota Keluaran:
- Optimized OB/OS level calculations
- Added labels to show calculated OB/OS levels (for those who wonder what the calculated levels are)
Nota Keluaran:
- Minor tweaks
- Changed default options
- Added weaker colorized signals which lead to better view and understanding of the chart, trends, divergences and thus more accurate decisions!
Nota Keluaran:
- Small coloring tweaks!
Nota Keluaran:
- Added Multi-Timeframe Capability.
Calculations Timeframe could now be changed in options.
Nota Keluaran:
- Fixed higher timeframe levels calculation bug!
Nota Keluaran:
Made level calculations more strict
Nota Keluaran:
- Added support for 2 less common oscillators:
9. Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)
10. Twiggs Money Flow (TMF)
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed a bug related to TMF oversold calculation
Nota Keluaran:
- Fixed a multi-timeframes calculation bug
- Increased calculations speed
Nota Keluaran:
- Fixed another problem related to an annoying Pine MTF functions bug!
Nota Keluaran:
- Just made the script more structured by implementing some functions
Nota Keluaran:
- Added support for 2 other oscillators:
11. Disparity Index (DIX)
12. Relative Vigor Index (RVI/RVGI)
- Manual setting of OB/OS levels is now possible again. Feel free to set OB/OS levels as you wish or leave the options as they are to make the calculations automatic.
Nota Keluaran:
- Restructured the code
- Converted to Pine v5
- Increased overall performance
- Made indicator settings more user-friendly
- Added alert conditions to the settings
- Made levels auto-calculation better
- Killed some tiny bugs
Nota Keluaran:
- Fixed calculation errors for some tickers; Now the indicator should work on all charts!
- Fixed DIX normalization error
- Added auto-level option and made alerts better
- Killed some tiny bugs and increased code performance
Nota Keluaran:
- Added symbol selection option; It's now possible to see OB/OS conditions of another ticker on current chart.
- Added hybrid OB/OS levels and labels
+ 4 above-mentioned ones!
Nota Keluaran:
3rd update in one day!
- At last, fixed issues regarding "The other time frame and ticker" calculations
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