Crypto grabber

So, its my first position in crypto (and not only crypto) bots series. What we have there.. program writting on Pine script language what can analyse market data of any trading instrument and signalise to enter the deal. Its next versions will update. Trade system based on my x-volume indicator.In central part of system is analyzing volume accumulation and distribution process which decide good and bad time for investing.

So some important points:
1) In time when you change timeframe or trading symbol bot analise all bars history. The number of trading (signal) candles in the analysis history is marked in black.
2) The percent of profitable signals is marked in blue.
3) Total profit points are marked in green.
4) Total bars in history are marked in red.

For better indicator vision you can turn off non interesting plots in settings menu.

There is two kinds of alerts: Buy alert and Sell alert. Set it once per bar close or every minute (because the best way you must open the deal at 20 sec before bar close).

This trading system is great for creating a profitable trading portfolio. Try it yourself to find exchanges and cryptocurrencies with profitable historical views. For example, the KRAKEN exchange trades well: XBTCAD , XBTUSD in 30-45 min timeframe.

I will do better settings in new versions of this bot. Waiting your likes)
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Questions and suggestions in the development of the bot in a personal email. Naturally, it will soon become paid, therefore, we evaluate and trade. I want maximum criticism and constructiveness.
Kraken XTZ ETH 30 min - very nice. If commission is 0.2% for deal you have 100% profit for 5-6 month....
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