Recursive Rsi


I have already posted a classic indicator using recursion, it was the stochastic oscillator and recursion helped to get a more predictive and smooth result. Here i will do the same thing with the rsi oscillator but with a different approach. As reminder when using recursion you just use a fraction of the output of a function as input of the same function, i say a fraction because if you feedback the entire output you will just have a periodic function, this is why you average the output with the input.

The Indicator

The indicator will use 50% of the output and 50% of the input, remember that when using feedback always rescale your input, else the effect might be different depending on the market you are in. You can interpret the indicator like a normal rsi except if you plan to use the 80/20 level, depending on length the scale might change, if you need a fixed scale you can always rescale b by using an rsi or stochastic oscillator.


I have presented an rsi oscillator using a different type of recursion structure than the recursive stochastic i posted in the past, the result might be more predictive than the original rsi . Hope you like it and thanks for reading !


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