Linda Raschke's Holy Grail

Another script based on Linda Raschke's strategy with the same name from her book about swing trading.
Catatan Pelepasan: More plots and custom backtesting period
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So, for some reason, when I load this indicator is squashes my chart down to the point where it can't be read. Everything is just one line and even if I try to expand things in the right hand price column it makes no difference. Any thoughts as to what I'm clearly doing wrong? Thank you.
Tr0sT glkatz81
@glkatz81, I've forgotten to remove hidden plots for debug purpose (lines 127 and 129) - they are the reason of chart collaps. You can remove these lines by yourself. But anyway, even without removing them, it should be possible to scale chart using price column...
Hi. I continue to work my way through Linda's book and I continue to be impressed by the TradingView community. Thank you for not only coding this but also sharing. You've made life easier for someone like me who isn't (in all likelihood) anywhere capable of coding this. Thank you!
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