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Fractal Consolidations Pro+ pushes the boundaries of Algorithmic Price Delivery Analysis. Tailored for traders seeking precision and efficiency to unlock hidden insights, this tool empowers you to dissect market Consolidations on your terms, live, in all asset classes.

What is a Fractal Consolidation?
Consolidations occur when price is trading in a range. Normally, Consolidation scripts use a static number of "lookback candles", checking whether price is continuously trading inside the highest and lowest price points of said Time window.

After years spent studying price action and numerous programming attempts, this tool succeeds in veering away from the lookback candle approach. This Consolidation script harnesses the delivery mechanisms and Time principles of the Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm (IPDA) to define Fractal Consolidations – solely based on a Timeframe Input used for context.

This concept was engineered around price delivery principles taught by the Inner Circle Trader (ICT). As per ICT, it's integral for an Analyst to understand the four phases of price delivery: Consolidation, Expansion, Retracement, and Reversal.

According to ICT, any market movement originates from a Consolidation, followed by an Expansion.

When Consolidation ranges begin to break and resting liquidity is available, cleaner Expansions will take place. This tool's value is to visually aid Analysts and save Time in finding Consolidations in live market conditions, to take advantage of Expansion moves.

ES1! 15-Minute Consolidation setting up an Expansion move, on the 10 Minute Chart:

Fractal Consolidations Pro+ doesn't only assist in confirming Higher Timeframe trend continuations and exposing opportunities on Lower Timeframes. It's also designed for both advanced traders and new traders to save Time and energy in navigating choppy or rangebound environments.

ES1! 30 Minute Consolidation forming Live, on the 5 Minute Chart:

By analyzing past price action, traders will find algorithmic signatures when Consolidations are taking place, therefore providing a clearer view of where and when price is likely to contract, continue consolidating, breakout, retrace, or reverse. A prominent signature to consider when using this script is ICT's Market Maker Buy/Sell Models. These signatures revolve around the engineering of Consolidations to manipulate price in a specific direction, to then reverse at the appropriate Time. Each stage of the Market Maker Model can be identified and taken advantage of using Fractal Consolidations.

NQ1! shift of the Delivery Curve from a Sell Program to a Buy Program, Market Maker Buy Model

Key Features:
  • Tailored Timeframes: choose the Timeframe that suits your model. Whether you're a short-term enthusiast eyeing 1 Hour Consolidations or a long-term trend follower analyzing 4 Hour Consolidations, this tool gives you the freedom to choose.
    EURUSD Fractal Consolidations on a 15 Minute Chart:

  • Auto-Timeframe Convenience: for those who prefer a more dynamic and adaptive approach, our Auto Timeframe feature effortlessly adjusts to the most relevant Timeframe, ensuring you stay on top of market consolidations without manually adjusting settings.

  • Consolidation Types: define consolidations as contractions of price based on either its wick range or its body range.
    GC1! 4 Hour Consolidation differences between Wick-based and Body-based on a 1 Hour Chart:

  • Filtering Methods: combine previous overlapping Consolidations, merging them into one uniform Consolidation. This feature is subject to repainting only while a larger Consolidation is forming, as smaller Consolidations are confirmed. However once established, the larger Consolidation will not repaint.
    GBPUSD 15 Minute Consolidation Differences between Filter Consolidations ON and OFF:

  • IPDA Data Range Filtering: this feature gives the Analyst control for selective visibility of Consolidations in the IPDA Data Range Lookback. The Analyst can choose between 20, 40, and 60 days as per ICT teachings, or manually adjust through Override.
    BTCUSD IPDA40 Data Range vs. IPDA20 Data Range:

  • Extreme Float: this feature provides reference points when the price is outside the highest or lowest liquidity levels in the chosen IPDA Data Range Lookback. These Open Float Extremes offer critical insights when the market extends beyond the Lookback Consolidation Liquidity Levels. This feature helps identify liquidity extremes of interest that IPDA will consider, which is crucial for traders in understanding market movements beyond the IPDA Data Ranges.
    ETHUSD Extreme Float vs. Non-Extreme Float Liquidity:

  • IPDA Override: the Analyst can manually override the default settings of the IPDA Data Range Lookback, enabling more flexible and customized analysis of market data. This is particularly useful for focusing on recent price actions in Lower Timeframes (like viewing the last 3 days on a 1-minute timeframe) or for incorporating a broader data range in Higher Timeframes (like using 365 days to analyze Weekly Consolidations on a daily timeframe).

  • Liquidity Insight: gain a deeper understanding of market liquidity through customizable High Resistance Liquidity Run (HRLR) and Low Resistance Liquidity Run (LRLR) Consolidation colors. This feature helps distinguishing between HRLR (high resistance, delayed price movement) and LRLR (low resistance, smooth price movement) Consolidations, aiding in quick assessment of market liquidity types.
    DXY Low Resistance vs. High Resistance Consolidation Liquidity Behaviour and Narrative:

  • Liquidity Raid Type: decide whether to categorize a Consolidation liquidity raid by a wick or body trading through a level.
    ZB1! Wick vs. Body Liquidity Raid Type:

  • Customizable User Interface: tailor the visual representation to align with your preferences. Personalize your trading experience by adjusting the colors of consolidation liquidity (highs and lows) and equilibrium, as well as line styles.
Nota Keluaran:
Small Bug Fixes
Nota Keluaran:
- Added Seconds Feature
- Perfected Automatic Timeframe Choice (Feedback)

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