Kifier's ALT-COIN Failed Volume Pressure

General Idea:

The basic idea is really simple - to detect during a bull-run, good mid-run entries or even predicting the start of a run, and the overcoming of the sell pressure, and I got this idea very naturally while looking back at my entries with ADA 6 months back. The indicator simply detects for you and alerts where volume reaches high reds but the actual price of the asset does not close lower than the previous open. This essentially shows a rejection of the selling pressure, and usually if either in a stagnant or bullish trend will just result in a bullish trend. It’s also great to detect entries into a bull-run mid way, which can happen quite often with cryptos. Due to the reliance of volume in this one, it’s probably best to stick with mid to low cap alt-coins, as BTC and even ETH at this point have a more complicated price action trends.

It’s built ideally for long-term timeframes, so 1D is the minimum in my opinion, and it should be used in combination with other indicators to confirm entries and market conditions, plus fundamental analysis is VERY important when it comes to trading with volume as a leading indicator in lower cap alt-coins.

The blue line is an average of the volume over a period while the yellow is the current volume, this makes it easy when a volume anomaly occurs and essentially a massive sell-off.
The green/red lines at the bottom unimaginatively is just a simple trend indicator based of two EMAs.
I also want to attempt to make a version for smaller time-frames as well, which needs to also account for market noise and a better trend detection but that’s for a future time.

It’d be great to hear feedback and even ideas on beneficial changes!

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