Divergence for Many Indicators v4

Hello Traders,

Here is my new year gift for the community, Digergence for Many Indicators v4. I tried to make it modular and readable as much as I can. Thanks to Pine Team for improving Pine Platform all the time!

How it works?
- On each candle it checks divergences between current and any of last 16 Pivot Points for the indicators.
- it search divergence on choisen indicators => RSI , MACD , MACD Histogram, Stochastic , CCI , Momentum, OBV, VWMACD, CMF and any External Indicator!
- it checks following divergences for 16 pivot points that is in last 100 bars for each Indicator.
--> Regular Positive Digergences
--> Regular Negative Digergences
--> Hidden Positive Digergences
--> Hidden Negative Digergences
- for positive divergences first it checks if closing price is higher than last closing price and indicator value is higher than perious value, then start searching divergence
- for negative divergences first it checks if closing price is lower than last closing price and indicator value is lower than perious value, then start searching divergence

Some Options:

Pivot Period: you set Pivot Period as you wish. you can see Pivot Points using "Show Pivot Points" option
Source for Pivot Points: you can use Close or High/Low as source
Divergence Type: you can choose Divergence type to be shown => "Regular", "Hidden", "Regular/Hidden"
Show Indicator Names: you have different options to show indicator names => "Full", "First Letter", "Don't Show"
Show Divergence Number: option to see number of indicators which has Divergence
Show Only Last Divergence: if you enable this option then it shows only last Positive and Negative Divergences
you can include any External Indicator to see if there is divergence
- enable "Check External Indicator"
- and then choose External indicator name in the list, "External Indicator"
- External indicator name is shown as Extrn
- related external indicator must be added before enabling this option

Coloring, line width and line style options for different type of divergences.

Following Alerts added:
- Positive Regular Divergence Detected
- Negative Regular Divergence Detected
- Positive Hidden Divergence Detected
- Negative Hidden Divergence Detected

Now lets see some examples:

Hidden Divergences:

Regular and Hidden Divergences together:

Showing first letters of indicators:

You can see only the number of indicators which has divergence:

You can see only divergence lines without indicators names and numbers:

option to used different label/line/text colors:

You have option to see only last divergences:

You can change Pivot Period, in following example Pivot Period = 15:

You can use Close or High/Low as Source for Divergence

You can include external indicators and get divergences on it:

Wish you all a happy new year!

Catatan Pelepasan: New Updates:
-"Don't Wait for Confirmation" option added. if you enable this option it doesn't wait for candle or indicator confirmation and it gives the divergence signal immediately. some users like this more.
- "Maximum Pivot Points to Check" option added, its the number of Pivot Highs/Lows to search for divergence. you can set it as you wish.
- "Maximum Bars to Check" option added, its the number of bars/candles to search for divergence. you can set it as you wish.
- Last divergence lines removed until meeting new Pivot High/Low. So now there is no unnecessary lines/labels.

Catatan Pelepasan: "Minimum Number of Divergence" option added. for example if you set it "2" then the scripts shows the divergence if there is 2 or greater number of divergence.
Catatan Pelepasan: "Show Divergence Lines" added. if you disable it then the script won't show the Divergence Lines.
Catatan Pelepasan: Hidden Divergence fixed.
Catatan Pelepasan: Fixed.
Catatan Pelepasan: bug fixed in "Minimum Number of Divergence" option. Thanks to @gold4boomersdoge4mooners for the bug report.
Catatan Pelepasan: Two New Alerts Added:
- Positive Divergence Detected (Regular or Hidden Divergence)
- Negative Divergence Detected (Regular or Hidden Divergence)
Skrip sumber terbuka

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Ingin menggunakan skrip ini pada carta?


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In the name of all TradingVie
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@PineCoders, Thanks a lot. This really motivates me!
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satishchndra PineCoders
@PineCoders, Hi dear! You are a great coder. Keep on doing good stuff. One humble request, can you make a multi time frame divergence in same script? It
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Great Job LonesomeTheBlue!!!

I have not seen any Positive Hidden Divergence (color red) nor Negative Hidden Divergence (color green) show up on EURUSD yet. Do I need to change the settings?
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@JDNelson, Thank you. if you still have issue send me a message pls
JDNelson LonesomeTheBlue

You are welcome!

I did change the settings to show both. I have a question. If Hidden and Regular have competing signal and/or overlap, which ranks higher?
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@JDNelson, now I checked the code, if both enabled then the last divergence found ranks higher (if last divergence on all indicators is "regular" then "regular" ranks higher, if the last one is "hidden" then higged ranks higher)
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JDNelson LonesomeTheBlue

Thank you and have a great weekend!
tnagy JDNelson
@JDNelson, What settings need to be changed to show the hidden divergence?
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Thank you for this script. You've put a lot of efforts into this, my appreciations for such nice coding. Wishing you a happy and blessed 2021 Lonesome The Blue...!!!
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