[RS]Power Correlation Oscillator (GOLD) V0

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Gold version.
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study(title='[RS]Power Correlation Oscillator (GOLD) V0', shorttitle='PCO(GOLD)', overlay=false)

s00 = security('XAUUSD', period, close>close[1])
s01 = security('XAUEUR', period, close>close[1])
s02 = security('XAUGBP', period, close>close[1])
s03 = security('XAUAUD', period, close>close[1])
s04 = security('XAUNZD', period, close>close[1])
s05 = security('XAUJPY', period, close>close[1])
s06 = security('XAUCHF', period, close>close[1])
s07 = security('XAUINR', period, close>close[1])
s08 = security('XAUCAD', period, close>close[1])
s09 = security('XAUZAR', period, close>close[1])

power = s00 + s01 + s02 + s03 + s04 + s05 + s06 + s07 + s08 + s09
avg_power = sma(power, input(15))
smooth_power = ema(avg_power, input(10))

hline(0, color=gray)
hline(5, color=gray)
hline(10, color=gray)
plot(title='Power', series=power, style=columns, color=power>=5?lime:red, transp=85, histbase=5)
plot(title='Average', series=avg_power, color=gray)
plot(title='Smooth', series=smooth_power, color=black)