Thanks to all the people who have requested access to my previous script -
I had been very busy with my official work so couldn't concentrate on trading for months together and neither reply back to so many of your messages.

Unfortunately i am not able to give access to it to anyone, anymore due to change in plan policies. So here is the same script which is open to all. Please use this script instead of the My-Intraday-Predictor-Systems-For-Public-Use-Very-Reliable.

***Ensure that you read the description of this fully, on how to use this***
On how to use this script, please refer to the description in
I suggest all of you to backtest this script properly before using it. I am not seeing great success in this now-a-days for intraday, but definitely as a trend indicator this works well. For intraday try to club this with other indicators and make a strategy of your own and use it.

Thanks all.

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