CCMA - Count Condition MA (560 Indicators In One)

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  • Do you like using moving averages?
  • Why do you think a pair of moving averages on a chart will help you?
  • What is the probability that once two moving averages have crossed, you will successfully enter the trade?
  • So why not use 100+ moving averages at once to increase the probability of a successful trade?
And all this can be seen in a single oscillator as a histogram!

I want to introduce you to a system that takes into account 560 moving averages movements. And that's just for a second, 560 potential indicators.
  • - 22 types of MA ( EMA , SMA , RMA and others).
  • - 176 moving averages.
  • - 310 crossover checks.
  • - 252 checks of trend following.

The indicator makes the most of the opportunities provided by television. Therefore, it can take a long time to load it.

How does it work ?
  • In general, the indicator counts the number of fulfilled conditions.
  • It checks if MA #1 and MA #2 have crossed. If so, it adds +1 to the statistics. It also checks if price is above or below the moving average. There are a total of 560 such checks. (This is about the maximum the TV allowed me).
  • The default is 8 lengths of moving averages, I took the Fibonacci numbers thinking they were the optimal solution. You can take any of your favorites.
  • If the "Ratio MOD" feature is on. Then you can see how many MAs are showing signals to enter a long or short position.
You can also see the indication at the bottom as dots. They show which signals are longer/shorter. If the number of signals is the same, the dot will be yellow. The first line of dots counts the number of crossings. The second line counts the number of crossovers + checks whether the price is above or below the average slippage.
  • If the "Differ MOD" function is enabled. Then you can see the difference between long and short signals. With the same indication as in RATIO MOD.
  • If "Show all" is on, then the bar graph shows all 560 accounting options. If it is off, only the number of crossovers is displayed. (This does not apply to the display as points)

If the script shows an error, try to change the timeframe and go back. Or add it again.
You can also disable the histogram in the stats settings and leave only the points that help in determining the trend.
Catatan Pelepasan: I added the ability to smooth out the result.
Catatan Pelepasan: //
Catatan Pelepasan: // improved performance
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