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Saham automobil: Jenama kereta terkenal

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Auto stocks are always a popular portfolio choice and for good reason. Not only do people love cars, most people need cars*. As such, the global market for vehicles is one measured in trillions of dollars and still growing strong. While Asia has a big stake in the market, a fairly sizeable chunk is also shared by US and European car makers. Finding their beginnings in Detroit, London, and Maranello, manufacturers in the US and Europe have since produced some of the biggest, most-recognizable, vehicles out there.

So, we really needn't introduce these businesses. These are US and European car makers all with a market cap no lower than $1bn. However, just because they drive well, doesn't mean these business will take your investment for an easy ride, so do your own research first.

*It must be pointed out that, whether the planet needs cars is another question entirely.