I’ve lost my chart drawings

Drawings are often lost when one chart layout is overridden by a different version of the same layout. This is very common case and typically happens when you use the same chart layout in multiple tabs or on several devices. Note that this may happen even when you use different symbols. The changes that you apply to an active chart layout are not automatically synced across open chart layouts or different versions of the same layout.

Here is a scenario that shows how drawings can be lost.

  • You've opened a chart layout through a link — ../chart/<id> on your computer & smartphone simultaneously.
  • You've drawn some trend lines on the chart for NYSE:IBM ticker symbol and saved the layout.
  • You then decided to look up FX:EURUSD ticker symbol and switched to it while using the same chart layout.
  • Afterward, you either saved your chart layout manually on the smartphone or an autosave was triggered. 

If you now decide to refresh your chart layout page, then you won't be able to find the trend lines that you drew earlier, as your chart layout was overridden the moment it was saved on your smartphone. 

Here is what we recommend to avoid this from happening in the future: 

  • Don't work with the same chart layout on several devices or in several browser tabs simultaneously. 
  • Don't refresh the chart layout page (restart the mobile app) when you continue working with it on a different device or in a different browser tab.
  • Turn autosave off in the chart layout menu.
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