The countdown is not displayed on the chart

If the countdown to the bar close is not displayed on your chart, it might be due to the following reasons:

  1. The countdown is disabled. Make a right click on the Price Scale and make sure that Countdown To Bar Close is checked.
  2. One of the chart types that does not have a fixed time interval is selected: RenkoKagiPnFLine Break or Range. The countdown cannot be displayed for those chart types.
  3. The symbol with delayed data is selected on the chart. If for example, you have a symbol with data delayed by 15 minutes, the countdown will only be displayed for the time intervals over 15 minutes. You can check the data update mode of the current symbol in the top right corner of the chart — if the data is delayed, you will see a Delayed (D) sign.
  4. The symbol selected on the chart is not being traded at the moment. During non-trading hours on intraday charts, there is no bar waiting for close, which is why the countdown timer is not displayed.
  5. Your computer clock is either too fast or too slow. To have your charts working correctly, we recommend syncing the time on your computer with NTP time servers.
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