Tell me more about the Public Library of Indicators and Strategies

The TradingView Public Library contains two types of scripts traders can use: indicators and strategies. They have many similarities, but only indicators can generate alerts and only strategies may be used to backtest. Both types of scripts can display visual information, either in overlay mode on the chart or in a separate pane above or below the chart's main area.

When you browse scripts in the Public Library, strategy publications show backtesting results and markers for entries and exits on the chart. This is how strategy publications can be distinguished from indicator publications.

When you load scripts using the chart's Indicators button, you can distinguish strategies by the green and red arrows appearing after their name:

Once loaded on a chart, you can access an indicator or strategy's configuration parameters using the Settings dialog box, accessible from the script's pop-up menu. Strategies use an additional Properties tab to configure parameters specific to backtesting, such as initial capital and commission. Strategies also use the Strategy Tester pane to show backtesting results under the chart.

Both indicators and strategies can be published in one of three modes: open-source, protected or invite-only. See here for more information on the publication types.

If you wish to publish scripts, see our Pine User Manual.