FX:AUDUSD   Dolar Australia/Dolar U.S
Dilihat 264 kali
264 6
PB Start & H1

Buy stop above Friday's high (2016-06-03)
Stoploss @ H1 low
Buy Closes of bears below and in PBs.
No Short term Target on( I have a Measured Move projection Target=Long term target in the neighbourhood of 0.88)
Use Trailing stop to bank gains.

In my much improved price charts reading, which I dubbed NEO-PA, ;) I would do less talking and less publications of different charts. I intend to do more updates to same charts, and also do live calls in @nmike's chatroom-

It is important for me to underscore here that, I do not inculcate News/Fundamental reasonings into my technical analysis , as I am not good at that exercise.
I also do not use any other indicator, apart from 20EMA(which I can do w/o, anyway ;) )
My analysis and calls are purely based on price action bar by bar analysis, based off the outcome of my obsession and immersion into charts over 8years of trading.

How can I finish off w/o saying this...........
I want to mention also that, I have borrowed one or two ideas from @timwest and @IvanLabrie , @jangseohee and @nmike and @Alexander_Nikitin .

I definitely cannot exhaust the list of people I have picked one or two great ideas from.
Thanks to everyone that taught me a thing or two

Im currently doing trading, full time for a living. And would like you to share in my private funds managment. If you have capital of not less than $50 000USD.
You can send me a mail to or PM me for a discussion today!


Komen: News events are the fuel(oil) to our slow grinding machines. Lest I dont care bout ém.
RBA in roughly an hour time.
It might distor the otherwise orderly PA here.

Otherwise, I still see buy.
If negative news, we might get a better price, and a much improved R:R for this trade.

Eyes sticking out on this.
Komen: AUDUSD_240: Counter trend short triggered
Komen: AUDUSD_240: SMA(Sell Mode Activated) But massive supports below. Also, Blue Band= Daily PBZ(Possible Buy Zone)
Komen: I'm buying on stop above MA . Very tight and SWEET definition for risk here ^_^
Komen: Buy stop order helped to avoid unnecessary losses. Pricee is actually within buy zone, and needs to lift off, but I love to have market take me in on such setups.
I tend to do much and bar b y bar updates to my charts in NAKED TRADING ROOM =>
Komen: Price had no definite direction yet

AUDUSD: If we're going down indeed, then why does th organisation of a good down trend looks distorted...?
Hey we are still long this pair :d
+1 Balas
Incredible! We've been doing crispy hot live calls here in the NAKED TRADING ROOM. Go nude, and step in
ChimbOt moorekapital
copper laso supporting the claim
+1 Balas
I like it
moorekapital moorekapital
Tried attaching some earlier calls in nmike's chatroom but some way somehow, the charts wont attach ;)
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