BTC+BCH: 1 full Bitcoin like someone say

I don't fully subscribe to this idea, but the chart is clear. We have a weekly rally for 2 more weeks, daily currently in a pause, but could rally again in 3 more days. This basket hit the first weekly target, so it could stagnate if $BCHUSD keeps falling, or, it could rally to target #2 over 14k . It might not be a bad idea to reload on $BCH, to match your numerical amount of $BTC held, if you sold already -ideally higher-.
Let's see how it evolves...Once this rally ends, we might start a bear market for 2 years, possibly due to the mess caused by miners and the political factions in $BTC.
Some altcoins might benefit from this, like ZEC and XMR which I already discussed in a previous publication, or $LTC, that could be seen as a $BTC replacement, without the drama, or many more.
Will be an interesting period, a boon for 'stock picking'.


Ivan Labrie.
Komen: I just notice the typo in the title: like some say...not someone. Darn.
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2 year bear market in BTC. Would cause a bear market in all Altcoins. I have a hard time to believe that when so much new money is flowing in. Mind elaborating more.
IvanLabrie trader_se
@daniel_se, it might just mean price goes sideways for BTC, just not trending regularly up like in the past 2 years.
Mister Labrie ... vous etes juste epoustouflant !!!
@elmmary, merci!

BTC courait ventre à terre :p
I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you!
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Thanks for the wonderful analysis...
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Thanks IvanLabrie for the good analysis
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IvanLabrie tlzkrh1029
@tlzkrh1029, maybe too, but BTG is less significant.
Very dangerous to 'pitch' Bitcoin Cash to your followers, no matter what the technicals say really. The price going up was from 1 exchange and 1 group of people only. After being wrong about Zcash in your previous analysis, this is also very tricky.
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