BTCCNY: Monthly uptrend using Okcoin data

OKCOIN:BTCCNY   Bitcoin / Yuan China
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1640 12
In this chart we can clearly see that the monthly uptrend is intact.
If I include the previous uptrend data into the mix, the time at mode signal gives me room to rise to 11580.73 in 11 months or less.

The stop loss has to be at 1548 for this monthly long, and we have two potential entries, 1921.41 and 1724.11.
I don't think the second one will be filled, and the first one has already been triggered.
I've moved from btcchina to Okcoin data, because of the higher liquidity, and how it seems to dominate the other exchanges, giving more reliable signals. This includes the USD crosses as well. CNY is simply more liquid and thus more suitable for technical analysis .

I'm sharing entries in my group, for short term, intermediate and long term opportunities.
In this case, this would be an example of a long term trade. My favored entry is to keep pending orders ready, and set and forget in this case. These two entries are valid for the next 2 months after the monthly close.

In the intermediate term, I see a possibility for a 1-2 week uptrend but the upside is limited. I'll be trading it with my group though, so if interested do contact me for more information for joining me and my partner for 24/7 BTCCNY futures coverage.

Good luck if taking this potential home run trade.

Ivan Labrie
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Komen: On track.
Komen: Still a great entry...there's now a confirmed 2 month timeframe uptrend. Still 193% upside left.
Komen: People not laughing anymore...
Fantastic charting. Thank you for your insight and effort. Do you see a small pullback or correction happening before we reach further highs, please? Thank you.
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IvanLabrie Crypto.888
@Crypto.888, it depends on how the weekly bar closes this next week.
Right now the daily suggests we could see a small retrace, but it's unclear yet. The timeframe in control is the weekly.
See my updated posts on the subject.
Crypto.888 IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, look now..
IvanLabrie Crypto.888

Yes, that's whatI meant, after these last 3 days, we had a possibility of a breakdown.
Let's wait for a buy entry.
Crypto.888 IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Best time to pick-up coins on the cheap :-)
Appreciate this free stuff for those of us a bit up to their necks right now. Once this trade comes in (in 2016. I hope?) I will subscribe to your services.
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IvanLabrie rivet.popper
That will take a while.
You can subscribe and try the shorter term signals too.
IvanLabrie rivet.popper
@rivet.popper, ready to subscribe? haha
lol you have 1 chart for SHORT one for LONG choose a position....
Different timeframes, different accounts.
This is the monthly trend.
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