Let D4 Try Again: Psychology Of A Market Cycle!

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Hey Friends

This is a re-reupload. I was not allowed to write swear words. I hope you will give IT A BIG LIKE, and support this chart again due to its educational purpose! Thank you, my friends

This is an educational chart about the Psychology of a market cycle. Every market is determined by people's feelings. In this chart I have illustrated how people tend to feel through a market cycle. D4 has used BTCUSD as an example but it applies to every market.


D4 loves you <3

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Komen: So I want to hear, where do you guys think we are in the Market Cycle? What do you think people in general tend to think at this moment?

Disbelief? This is a sucker's rally or??

D4 <3


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looks like me
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We cant expect good times forever, Bitcoin lovers just try to take deep breaths, learn and wait (im not saying its easy)
We've seen it before and believe it or not even with this recent dump we're still only in the BELIEF stage. This is an educational and interesting post I hope you'll post it again in six months. Thank you.
For those traders who don't wish to 'try again'
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Your analysis is on point, keep the good work!
Hey D4! Thanks again for all the time you devote for us. To answer your question, I stay in perpetual "Hope" stage.
I think the market is waiting on BTC. She is like Snow White and has many Dwarf's who follow where she goes. When FUD is created for BTC, like the Mt. Gox guy selling off a ton of BTC, the immature market gets scared and dumps also. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
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Forget the resistance-lines, the support-lines, the triangles, the toplines, the EMA or RSI, the waves Elliot etc.etc.

The market follows almost exact the same fractal again and again and again!!

Averse from all these indicators is it going its own way!

the JOES-fractal (the btc-core-fractal) is the one who slams the drum!

check it out at cryptopaatje
Censored for all the kids that trade
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