Gold:Bitcoin Ratio Now Higher Than Physical Gold:Silver Ratio!

You know that old crypto saying: "Litecoin is Silver to Bitcoin's Gold". Well now 'Gold is Silver to Bitcoin's Sound Money Supremacy'. Well in price ratio terms it is. I know I'm not comparing apples with apples, & for the purpose of not embarrassing Gold's post crypto performance any further, it's probably best I don't. But in terms of available supply, there are currently 777,275 metric tonnes of Silver , compared to 166,500 metric tonnes of Gold ; Which gives a physical supply ratio of roughly 4.66 tonnes of Silver to each tonne of Gold . This obviously doesn't translate to the current Gold to Silver price ratio, that currently sits around today 75:1. This is why many think Silver , which has many irreducible industrial & technological applications is often sighted as a sleeping giant in terms of investment vehicles. But like gold , silver suffers heavily under the influence of secondary & futures markets, that trade paper contracts leveraged many multiples over & above the underlying physical metal good for delivery. Opting instead to settle 'delivery' in fiat currencies rather than physical metal. And herein lies the beauty of Bitcoin , with it's own baked into the protocol permissionless instant settlement & good delivery mechanism it will always be an impossible beast to bridle, as secondary & futures markets prove to be superfluous to it.

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