BTC-/USD - an EW approach on the outlook

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Looking for similarities in the fractalities and conclude future movements from that similarities in fractalities is what Elliott-Wave is about.

This count interprets the top at 20k as an overshooting corrective B, which is then according to the books followed by a impulsive and steep C Wave to complete the correction.
I find the overshhoting B viable mainly by its form, the allowed extension of around 162% , which depends which Data-Base/Coin-Exchange is chosen, and the typical steep and propulsive C Wave we have seen driving the price lower in dramatic proportions finding a first halt between 38% and 50% RT of the upmove , measured at the top at the counted end of Wave ( III )
As this Chart suggests, the Correction is still not over, and the Zone at around 10k could be a probable retracement.
So the micro-look of the corresponding lesser degree wave finds its macro-mirror in.between 50-62% RT Zone of the whole move.where a solid demand zone is present at 10k.
Komen: quick and dirty Variation- 15min chart

Komen: the bullish variation

Komen: honestly....a decent downer would complete the picture...looks quite unharmonic to me looking at the 60min i posted here,if it sky-rocketed right away from here...
I will stick with my short outlook...: BTC/USD heading for a restest of the lows ...or even 10 k...
But a bias is nothing but a bias and an antagonistic count should be at hand for everybody approaching the markets by means of EW...so he does not get stuck on it...
Dagangan aktif: 60 min Chart -Update-basic idea stays te same...now short term long chance

15min Cart-Update

the last wave looks like an impulse
@ypypy, yes, should be the i of V or a separate big C and the overall labeling has to be changed to a now running C, the top of your labelled (5) the to of the B , we will see...at least your channel has been broken by now...
Count of iii of C

buergernamebenutzenistillegal buergernamebenutzenistillegal
@buergernamebenutzenistillegal, the count in the bottoming is viable, but ugly, these phases of highest volatility can have such resulting counts...
if we subtrack 1.618*A from the peak of V of (III): 17160-(4400*1.618)=10040$ (0.5 fibo zone and zone of wave IV)
@ypypy, Thumbs up, yes, this would make the estimated target-zone
great work... please give the count of wave iii of C of expanded flat
ok , li'll zoom in on that
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