Since the last Report, that was published before the Libra announcement, things changed, and market pushed higher.

However, we still hitting a major price juncture, and a $2.5k price dump in BTC has shown that. However, alts held reasonably well, so what happens next?

I am not sure who is buying at these levels now, but those people must have deep pockets.
Regardless, the strategy from now is very simple, watch the supporting trending line, once broken - expect some consolidations before, market decided where it is heading next.

Fractal on July 23, this tells me it is possible that we be in distribution zone till late july.

Additionly, i want everyone to become aware of these events:

No matter what you think about Crypto, the criminal activity is very real, and it is hitting the world for real.

My personal opinion on this is: Whatever the utopian future crypto is selling us, it will be very opposite if this continues and it will. Wait till government get serious about this. It does not mean, we can;t make money on it, but BE mindful, this is real now.

Understanding few key factors about BTC rally besides the FOMO and technical price action:
Chinese are moving capital via crypto as their government have tightened monetary control. Also, their are having USD shortage and crypto is great source for that.

Moving on to Iran and Turkey: Financial Sanctions and fiat devaluation in those nations is pushing demand for crypto for protection.

Additionally, the FED, is signalling that they are prepared to cut rates, if and only if shit is going to hit the fan. However, even if they don;t and market continues to slowdown while our dear leader Trump renegotiates the world for love and peace through business.
If Fed does decide to cut 50 basis points, get ready to head into recession in 8 month after the fact.

Anyways, back to our technical, if we experienced the bottom, then how soon will we hit 60k per BTC , and what would cause this insane prices? Let me give u a clue, NOTHING good. UNless and only UNLESS, if the BTC all of the sudden becomes something even more global.

Fascinating times are coming, welcome to the future :)

Good luck everyone ;)

BLUE = Bear/Resistance
Yellow = Bull/ Support

~Explore the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~
/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

If you want your coin to be analyzed, JUST ask.
If you got a question, ASK away!
And please keep those Stop losses in place!

Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation - vertical lines!

Thank you,

July 21-23 Fractal Event
Post fractal update for entry solutions
Komen: Potential uptrend is forming, double bottom, as per prior image
-If you are using my work on an external domain - other than, please notify me.

Thank you for your support in my efforts to better understand: financial chart behavior and Fractal Universe.
What a mess of a chart..
+2 Balas
Ajion BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, True, this is why u have got to zoom in and pan.
HOLD. Why would you be in a position right now. If you didnt sell between 1120 and 100 your an iidiot
Ajion Michele1970
@Michele1970, because I spoke about selling in June.
I bought 10 bucks last night. I think it will serve me well in the coming years.
+1 Balas
@Enthef, lmfao
Good day Sir. May i ask what exchange platform you are using right now? Can you also recommend what exchange platforms that is very safe to trade. I actually trade in BitSeven and Bitmex but I found these platforms very sketchy and sometimes they manipulate your account especially if you are already gaining on your trade like PNL of +90% and above. I also find out that BitSeven is not a registered exchange platform and also have the history on exit like scams. Your suggestion is highly appreciated.
Ajion alexuscatriona
@alexuscatriona, binance is a good start
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