This is either a move to 7784 or to 10200

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This is either a move to 7784 to 10200 - Challenging because of the mixed signals , the MACD is turning positive but BTC is forming a bear flag .
This move this move is still on the plane and has not landed yet.
So we can double check for additional pointers to confirm which of the two moves this is 10300 or 7784 .
The Blue Pill or the Red pill ?
Komen: This the 4 hour candle which will trigger this dump . Don't panic yet as 7800 will not happen until about 3 hours time -
- be careful of fake BTC falls
Komen: dump it
Komen: but it may stop also at 8600
Komen: it will climb back up in a 2 minutes
Komen: fake move i think
Komen: dump this sucker
Komen: Now i very sure BTC will hit 4k and im sure it will climb backup before hitting 7k .
because BTC does not make it this easy
Komen: Theres a bottom at 8670
Komen: If 8670 breaks BTC will drop to 8400. Then stay there for a while then move to
Komen: The 8400 mark is also a triple bottom
Komen: 8500 was my calculation on march 6th and i feel that the last drop was a most likely a bear trap to force a sale . I got caught in that sucker
Komen: Thats why this is ether a 10k move or a 7k drop and the challenge is to figure out which one it is
Komen: post your feedback to this question 10k or 8k
Komen: i mean 10k or 7k
Komen: BTC is very clever and not here to make it easy
Komen: The 12 hour candle usually calls the shot's and it will positive in 6 hours . So in 6 hours BTC should go up .
Komen: I think BTC will go up and touch close to 9k, this the channel wall then come down to 8400 then go up to around 10k . What i want to find out now is why do we also show the 7800 drop.
Komen: BTC is climbing up a bear flag with a drop to 7800 , it has a current move which ends at 9104 . This is a resistance point and also a triple top.
if BTC goes past 9108 its going t o 10k .
if BTC fails to break 9108 its coming down to hit 8400 then moving to 7800
Komen: there's also a hidden Bullish divergence so this may be a 10k move
Komen: 10k run proof is if 9103 is breached.
Komen: minor trend change incoming
Komen: down but should be minor
Komen: HODL as its a small one .
Komen: This an be 45 mind of downward action and Possibly 8400 can be retested
Komen: huh ? not sure why i said 8400 i meant 8600 - now ill buy back in if this holds
Komen: BTC being sneaky a usual
Komen: should bounce up im sure
Komen: in 30 mins the 4 hour candle will close and we could retest 8400 or go up . After this close there will be upward movement.
Komen: This is bearish triangle with a drop:

Komen: BUT
Komen: But the 4 hour candle will attempt to flip to positive in 20 minutes and but may retest 8400 first.
Komen: 4 hour candles is trying to flip bullish
Komen: This weeks channel

Komen: The channel graph above shows BTC is hitting the right wall and then dropping each time . The right wall in this case will be at 9100.
BTC getting past this wall opens the door to 10k. Bouncing off the wall lower opens the door to 7800.
Komen: what happens at 9100 holds the answers to today's puzzle .
Komen: I see no harm in riding this up to 9100
Komen: zooming into the channel for a better view .

Komen: based on the past this sure looks like a drop to 7k - But what happens at the wall will give better confirmation .
Komen: my money is on 7800 .
Komen: here we go 9100
Komen: BTC has hit the resistance and double top at 9100 mark .
This is looking interesting BTC just needs to push past 9106 .
Komen: This graph gives a better view and we can see BTC hit the wall at 90 miles an hour

Komen: A different view of the BTC impact on the wall .

Komen: Failure to get through this wall makes a triple top ascending triangle which usually leads to a trip down to earth to sample the soil - So BTC needs to get through this wall by any means necessary . BTC needs three soldiers right about now.
Komen: BTC does have the 3 white soldiers on the 45 , but will they put up a good fight is the question?
Komen: They will let us know in 10 minutes , either they stay and fight or they run
Komen: This could also be cup a and handle in which case BTC will pull back down then bulldoze its way back up
Komen: small trend change
Komen: The 15 min candle is going to try to drop some reversals now
Komen: it the 15 min fails to land them this is a good sign
Komen: This looks good BTC may just break through
Komen: This the first time this week BTC has breached this wall so there's a good chance we may see some Bullish kyrptonite power in action
Komen: BTC can pull back to 87xx area and still be ok, This move is often seen to make the last part of the cup , then BTC moves back up and bullish speeds. Below 8650 'i'd abandon ship and wait for 8400
Komen: the 90 minute candle is trying something here. whats with that doji ?
whats he up to ?
Komen: oh no .need to take off for 30 mins,
Komen: Please keep posting graphs etc the more information the better.
Komen: WOW BTC !! The bull is back in town
Komen: trend change incoming
Komen: up
Komen: caution at 9400 the road looks clear but always good to be on the lookout.
Komen: Possibility

Komen: Triple Doji showdown observed on the horizon
Komen: Possibility if BTC can can stay above the black line running through that triangle

Komen: Trend change coming to a city near you
Komen: Will be a significant movement .
Komen: A breakdown or breakout approaches
Komen: This looks to be one of those "Triple doji Spinning top dual doji showdowns" ...these fellas are showing up all over the place.
Komen: BTCs safe zone will expire in the next ( 3 to to 6) hours - After that the 4 hour candle will start laying down reversals .. BTC better do some moving here ..
....C'mon Lad move it.
Komen: That "Triple doji Spinning top dual doji showdowns" does look like a break up to me ,
Komen: Bullish divergence

Komen: if that black line is crossed downwards its a big problem

Komen: its around 9222
Komen: This a fall if BTC does not get back above that line at 9222.
Now the MACD does show , short term pullback but long term Bullish
so I still some have faith in the Bull .
Komen: BTCs current safety zone ends at 9182 - above 9296 is preferred , so this is cutting it too close for comfort
Komen: new saftey zone at 9112

Komen: BTC is attempting a reversal to the first safe zone at 9186 (depending on the exchange )
Komen: where are we ?

Komen: should stop at 8993.
Komen: The bear flag has a drop to 7500 . So unless there's a miracle move upwards its not looking good
Komen: BTC should climb up a bit in about 30 mins
Dagangan ditutup secara manual
Isn't it hidden bearish divergence? Better check
asdfghghj asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Prive made lower high, stochastic made higher high = hidden bearish divergence
They're everywhere lately, can barely keep track of em.
mycotoxin Nhmenefee
@Nhmenefee, going to be good whatever happens
This one is looking good right now... he also agrees with the 10.2k, then 10.8k and 11.8k (13.5k resistance and final push to 17k/18k)
You want charts. Here is another one:
@mycotoxin where do you think the next stop is before 10720?
mycotoxin byildiz33
@byildiz33, up or down ? This is very close ..tough to call it currently
H&S already formed on a 30m chart. Next move is to 8200
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