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Update of my previous log trend charts. Enjoy further grow the next months. watch out for temporary sharp corrections. Take profits regularly and be very careful with shorts now. Enjoy.

If you like to receive future updates, please support my work: 1LTr8KyrbEJdLo3t7XowrBCr5nV6s1Gx4y

Thank You.
Long awaited correction is in. Bit later than expected, I was waiting end of May already. This could go down to as much as 2000 level (grey support line) but my guess would be 2.3 to 2.2 .

Including bounce back and fade out this should correction require a few days until end of June - beginning of July. Then slow stabilization at 2.5 zo 2.6 level and return to long term trend would be my estimation.
Yep. NO disagreement here. My chart from ages ago predicted the same thing.
mikenz Ero23
@Ero23, The same thing? There is your disagreement then. Can I see your chart?
Ero23 mikenz
@mikenz, no disagreement. we're for sure going to 14k-22k then north of 120k by 2010
Ero23 mikenz
@mikenz, *2021 rather
+1 Balas
Would you tell me where i can find this long term chart ? Thank you in advance.
mikenz mimiy
@mimiy, up there, just click on it.
mimiy mikenz
@mikenz, Thanks a lot. I appreciate.
This year, this autumn, really? after correction to 1200-900?
mikenz alexainch
@alexainch, yes, there will be a correction after we reach the next peak, as always. And as always, not crossing the Level before the rise

This is an update to my chart from January 2017. If you click on play, you can see how it plays out.

This is just an estimation to demonstrate the levels of movement that have to be expected. Since I am only speaking about general long term trends here, I am not capable to give any guarantee whether the peak will reach 7.5k or at 15k or be in September or in November. It does not affect the validity of these observations anyway.

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