BTC Got $10 K as people want, but what after $10 k?

BTC Get $10 K as people want but what after $10 k?
as we saw last days This $ 10 k was a Psychological barrier many people be careful with it , and some people get panic and sell at the panic candle at 29/11 last month, we were mentioned this panic in our TG channel before coming by 24 H.
but now many ask i can rebuy again? i see btc pass 11 k and grow up? it`s $20 k the next?
from my side, i expect correction for btc

but let us follow the chart .

as we saw btc after panic sell last days, recover fast and same thing with other coins.
until now btc still under resistance area at $11750 try to break it and go up more

so what we will do?

if btc break up this levels $11750/$12300 and stay above it for 24 H you can buy from it, your targets at $13700/14300 as next resistance area ,if Btc fail and get his correction as we expect.your buy levels is,
$7800/$7300 with 15 % Target level is $9000
$5600/5100 with 25% target level is $7300/$9000
the limits for this correction is $ 4600 pass it and close daily/weekly under this levels mean blood days and that will be not a correction that will be a long downtrend.
so we are now on the edge with btc , start new levels new cycle of prices,or end it and back to normal prices within reach :)
so be careful with your trades, play with your profit don`t join before confirming trade signal, and be sure you know your risk/reward to avoid panic selling.

our analysis pass in Demand/supply Zones with other ways

capital management is recommended

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

you can enjoy with check our old charts for btc :)

Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciated it
Komen: if btc break up this levels $11750/$12300 and stay above it for 24 H you can buy from it, your targets at $13700/14300 as next resistance area{!}
Komen: BTC eat first area at $13700/14300 now 15400/16300 pass it and saty $19800/$21000
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: when mad things come true, you should ask how that happened or continue on your way?
Komen: update
@HamadaMark AOA hope you are doing well Bro, any updates on BTC/USD, do you think the market has settled down or shall we wait more. if the market is good shall we enter, what should be buying range and be selling range
BTC Dominance: 65.0%
@elxnikta, let them make it 81 %
elxnikta HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Wow! If so may be it is better close my positions (nxt, strat, sia) and re buy leter?
elxnikta HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Thank you
@HamadaMark, the higher the price of BTC, the deeper and harder correction will be?
@Varenish, 15400/16300 max $19800/21000 correction $ 11200/7500
+1 Balas
Varenish HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Thank you for your answer! :)
I am out of BTC from 14000, I am fearful now... BTC is just going like Crazy bull, I am out of every trade now except NXT which has a news to come on 28 Dec
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